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Change Reporting

Change Reporting is based on the data of the configuration and change database (CCDB) within SAP Solution Manager. Any change of configuration items and the configuration data itself is stored in the configuration stores of the CCDB. The configuration stores are part of the CCDB and contain all configuration details. Additionally, all detected changes are aggregated into SAP NetWeaver BW into the change analysis info provider to provide change statistics. The Change Reporting application is available using the Fiori Launchpad in Group ‘Root Cause Analysis'.

Figure: Change Reporting App showing ABAP parameters

Change reporting function provides information about which and when changes were introduced into a software system landscape. For example, information about the current and historical values of technical configuration parameters, transport requests, or software maintenance activities can be provided from monitored systems. Change reporting can be accessed from the Root Cause Analysis work center via System Analysis.
The change reporting function is the end-to-end solution operation standard to analyze, compare, and track changes in the software landscape. This ensures that all software changes remain transparent and traceable, which in turn increases the quality and availability of the software landscape. The change processes can be monitored continuously throughout the software application lifecycle.
Change reporting is a stand-alone function as well as part of change analysis: You can access it as described above, or when viewing change details using change analysis.

Role of Config Stores

The single configuration details of systems connected to the SAP Solution Manager are stored in the containers of a defined type called ‘Config Store‘ in the Configuration and Change Database (CCDB) which is a part of SAP Solution Manager.

  • The Config Stores are grouped depending on the type of configuration data.
  • All the changes of single configuration item are tracked in CCDB.

In the example below, you can see the content of the Config Store ABAP_COMP_SPLEVEL which contains details on both the currently implemented Software Components as well as the change history of each component.

Figure: Change Reporting App showing a change history of an item