Release Notes

SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP00

  • User interface unification
    New icons for sorting, filtering and downloading.
  • Enhanced Validation Alerting
    There is the new alert source 'Store Content Change' to get an alert in case the content of a store does change.
    Alert severity can be defined by a new property.
  • Policy Maintenance
    The policy definition has now a dedicated page allowing a comfortable editing on the whole screen.
  • Policy Definition
    Parameter FRUN_LOCAL = TRUE allows to restrict collector items to the SAP Focused Run system itself.
    Join Store now supports 'hierarchy_level=0' to allow a correct join between two different stores which refer to the same multiple instance landscape object i.e. on instance level (technical system level is not touched by this).
    Check item attribute 'system_attributes' now always refer to parameters at system level. For referring to the landscape object use '-' as a prefix.
    Saving a policy definition does automatically adapt the policy id and description in the XML definition.
  • Validation
    Multiple Policy Validation allows to select multiple policies during validation execution.
    Performance improvement by avoiding sub validations during navigation in the application and a dedicated database aggregation at the check item view. In addition, also results of manual validations are reused for a subsequent validation in case all managed systems have been part of this previous validation.
    The application does now show the age of the validation result allowing to see if the result has been read from the Validation Storage.
  • Administration Template Management
    Template wizard supports the creation of custom collector items for individual configuration data collection into the Configuration and Change Database.

SAP Focused Run 2.0 FP03

  • Enhanced Validation Alerting
    Introduction of the Enhanced Validation Alerting. The alerts can be defined directly in the CSA application and are pushed into the Alert Management. This means that the Enhanced Validation Alerting is independent from the System Monitoring. In comparison to the CSA System Monitoring alerting, the new alerting provides the option to choose between the aggregations 'System', 'Store', 'Check' and 'Item'.
  • Policy Maintenance
    The performance of the SQL generation is improved.
  • Validation
    In the result rule texts are displayed instead of the 'no item matches..'.
    For operator 'exists' or 'not_exist' the text 'item=no data' is displayed in case there is no hit.
  • Validation Storage
    The validation results are saved for a long term period if the policy is configured as scheduled in the Policy Maintenance. During validation, the result is read from the Validation Storage if it is not older than 24 hours. Optionally, the validation can be triggered by the ad hoc button of the user interface.
    There is the class CL_COVA_VAL_API available as public API for reading aggregated data from the Validation Storage.
  • Administration Template Management
    The ABAP WebDynpro user interface is replaced by a SAPUI5 application.