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Business Transformation

You plan to move from SAP Enterprise Core Component (SAP ECC) to SAP S/4HANA Cloud? Then SAP Cloud ALM can guide you through the transformation project.

SAP Cloud ALM manages the project tasks and provides transparency of the project. It ensures smooth business operations and increase business process execution quality and performance. In addition to this, SAP Cloud ALM is used as delivery platform for SAP support services. All of this is helpful for your business transformation.

But business transformation is not done by just one tool. An end-to-end tool chain is typically involved in such projects. SAP Cloud ALM serves as orchestration platform coordinate to ensure collaboration. 

Data Transformation

Data transformation is a crucial part of business transformation. It is important that you build your improved business processes on top of the existing data of your company.

SAP Business Transformation Center enables organizations to effortlessly transform their data operations. The solution provides a guided approach to digital transformation that simplifies the transition from data to the intelligent enterprise. With a comprehensive end-to-end solution, SAP Business Transformation Center optimizes every phase of the data transformation process, ensuring a seamless transition to a more agile and innovative enterprise.

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Test Automation

Testing if everything runs fine is important before go-live of the business transformation.

The availability of Tricentis Test Automation for SAP integrated with SAP Cloud ALM is planned for Q2/2023.

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Value Proposition

  • Ensure high quality of the business transformation
  • Avoid disruptions by utilizing an end-to-end tool chain
  • Accelerate your transformation project
  • Leverage experience from other business transformation projects