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SAP Cloud ALM for Service

SAP Cloud ALM for Service

Key Features:

  • Get a harmonized user experience to easily access all information and assets relevant before, during and after a service delivery​

  • Get full transparency on your service deliveries: past, current and upcoming services​

  • Share service results in a digitized format​

  • Easily drill down to the different detail levels of the service results​

  • Simplify tracking of all action items along the End-to-End Service Delivery Process​

    Learn more from the Expert Portal for Service.

Value Proposition

SAP Cloud ALM for service:
  • Introduces a Collaboration Platform to share deliverables, action items and results with all people being involved in the End-to-End Service Delivery Process​
  • Provides one joint view for all people being involved in the Service Delivery Process​
  • Gives full transparency about the status of each service delivery and the history of delivered services
  • Increases efficiency in collaboration during the Service Delivery End-to-End Process
  • Standardizes the format of service results in a digitized format for easier consumption

Functional Overview

Core functionality of SAP Cloud ALM for service

  • Based on the Cloud Architecture a real-time collaboration is possible during the end-to-end Service Delivery Process.
  • The Service Delivery Center is the central access point to all information and provides a joint view on the status of the Service Delivery and the History
  • The Service Result application provides an easy access to the details of the analysis and service results. The digitized format allows to highlight focus topics depending who accesses the result and what information this person needs
  • The Issues & Actions Management application provides the outcome of service deliveries as actionable items. Thereby it is easy to follow-up on the service outcome, assign the tasks to the correct employees and to monitor the progress and the status.

Core Capabilities

In the boxes below you can find more information about each core capability, as well as a detailed presentation (PDF) for each capability.

Use the Service Delivery Center Application

  • See the Calendar for scheduled Services
  • Review previous delivered Services
  • Collaborate with SAP Service Delivery Team
  • Work on Agenda and Scope
  • Compound Preparation Tasks
  • Share Status

Use the Service Delivery Center Application

  • Accomplish the Service Delivery Process End-2-End
  • Collaborate with SAP during Service Delivery
  • See current status of Service Delivery

Get the Service Results in a Digitized Format

  • Receive Management Summary of the delivered Service
  • Receive detailed Service Results of the delivered Service
  • Easy navigation and drill down within the Service Result Document
  • Share the Document with your Employees
  • Mark favorites to highlight sections which are important to you

Use the Issues & Actions Application

  • Receive Issues & Actions in a digitized format
  • Assign Issues & Actions to employees to follow-up
  • Collaborate with SAP
  • Report and Track status
  • Create your own Issues & Actions

Customer Benefits

  • Service Platform as central approach for SAP services for relevant service content
  • Service Results in a digitized format
  • Simplified tracking of all action items along the End-to-End Service Delivery Process
  • Built-in transparency about service progress
  • Fast onboarding and harmonized user experience
  • Provides end-to-end transparency for the service delivery process
  • Embedded in SAP Enterprise Support, PSLE and Premium Engagement, no additional fee