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Setup for SAP Analytics Cloud

This page explains how to connect SAP Analytics Cloud to SAP Cloud ALM.

Currently, the following monitoring applications are supported for SAP Analytics Cloud:


To enable SAP Analytics Cloud for monitoring with SAP Cloud ALM:

  • You need a user with administrator authorizations in SAP Analytics Cloud

Setup in SAP Analytics Cloud

  1. In the SAP Analytics Cloud launchpad navigate to the 'System' → 'App Integration' view in the left-hand navigation panel
  2. Copy the 'Token URL', you will this later in SAP Cloud ALM
  3. Under 'Configured Clients' click 'Add a New OAuth Client'
    • Name: Enter a name, e.g. Cloud ALM integration
    • Purpose: Select 'Interactive Usage and API Access'
    • Access: Select 'Activities'
  4. Click the 'Add' button
  5. Copy the 'OAuth Client ID'
  6. Click the 'Show Secret' button
  7. Copy the secret
  8. Click 'Done'

Setup Steps in SAP Cloud ALM

Create Endpoint for Integration & Exception Monitoring

  1. Open the Landscape Management application from the launchpad
  2. Select your SAP Analytics Cloud service
  3. Press the > button at the end of the line
  4. On the tab "Endpoints" press the Add button to create a new end-point
  5. Enter a description
  6. Choose the use-case "Exception Monitoring"
  7. Choose OAuth2ClientCredentials: Enter the following values from the SAP Integration Suite service key
    1. Client ID: OAuth Client ID
    2. Client Secret: secret
    3. Token Service URL: Token URL
  8. Save your endpoint

After the creation of the endpoint, you have to activate the data collection for the monitoring use-cases in the respective monitoring applications. 

Next Steps

After creating the endpoint in SAP Cloud ALM, you have to perform the following steps to activate the monitoring use-cases: