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Setup for SAP Data Intelligence

This page explains how to connect the SAP Data Intelligence to SAP Cloud ALM to enable monitoring.

Currently, the following monitoring application is supported for the SAP Data Intelligence:


To enable SAP Data Intelligence to send monitoring data to SAP Cloud ALM:

Setup Monitoring Push to SAP Cloud ALM

Please follow the documentation provided under "Administration Guide for SAP Data Intelligence" > Integration Monitoring in SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management

The monitoring setup for SAP Data Intelligence contains of the following steps:

  1. Create a technical user sap-cloud-alm-technical-user and assign the relevant policies to the user (Steps 2 - 4 of the documentation)
  2. Create and upload a configuration to create a connection to SAP Cloud ALM (Steps 5 - 8 of the documentation)

Next Steps

After setting up the monitoring PUSH to SAP Cloud ALM in the managed service, the data collection for the use-cases selected in the communication scenarios will be activated automatically with default monitoring configurations. 

You can adjust the monitoring setup within the monitoring application. Find more information on the configuration on the "Setup & Configuration" pages for the application.