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SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration)

Available Monitoring Content

The following monitoring content is available for SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration):

SAP Integration Suite MessagesMessagesMonitors status and performance of single messages send in SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration)
Integration Artifact DeploymentsExceptionsMonitors for exceptions in IFlows that render them not operational, like e.g. mapping errors


Before starting the setup in SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration), you have to gather information on your company's SAP Cloud Integration tenant.

Depending on your findings, the setup will have to be performed differently.

The following video demonstrates how to find the necessary setup information for SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration).

A detailed description of all setup steps is provided in the sections below the video.

Collect Setup Information

  • The video explains how to check your SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration) platform and the identity provider to choose the correct follow-up video

Find your Operations Platform

Identify whether your SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration) tenant runs on Neo or on Cloud Foundry. To do so please check the URL of your tenant:

  • URL of a Neo tenant looks like: https://<tenant Id>-tmn.hci.<landscape>
  • URL of a Cloud Foundry tenant looks like: https://<tenant Id>.<system id, e.g. it-cpi001>.cfapps.<landscape>

Find your ID Provider

Check if your tenant uses the SAP ID service or a custom Identity Provider (IdP). 

  • Go to the SAP BTP Cockpit → Access the subaccount used for SAP Cloud Integration → Security → Trust Configuration 
  • Check if a custom IdP is used. If there is only the "Default Identity Provider" you are using the SAP ID Service.

Connect SAP Integration Suite to SAP Cloud ALM

Please choose the portal page for the connection of SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration) to SAP Cloud ALM depending on the operations platform your tenant runs on.

Monitoring Setup

To learn how to configure the monitoring, follow the documentation on the page Integration & Exception Monitoring - Setup & Configuration.

Below you find category-specific information for the monitoring categories available for SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration).

Please note:

  • If an input help is available for the filter parameters, this input help is filled based on the messages and exceptions collected in SAP Cloud ALM so far.
  • If no filter is set up for the data collection, all messages or exceptions will be collected for the category.

Available Events
  • Erroneous CPI Message Detected(Single): The event is created for each failed message in SAP CPI.
  • Erroneous CPI Messages Detected(Grouped): The event is created if one or more messages in SAP CPI failed since the last data collection.

Available Filters

Filters for Data CollectionFilters for Events
  • Application Message Type
  • Integration Artifact Name
  • Integration Flow Name
  • Package Id
  • Package Name
  • Receiver
  • Sender
  • Status
  • Status Group
  • Status Text
  • Status
  • Status Group

Available Events
  • Erroneous Integration Artifact: The event is created for an artifact deployment in an error state
  • Erroneous Integration Artifact Stateful Alert Notification: The event is created for an artifact deployment alert notification

Available Filters

Filters for Data CollectionFilters for Events (planned)
  • Artifact Name
  • Artifact ID
  • Status

Coming soon.