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Health Monitoring for SAP Cloud Connector

Available Monitoring Content

AvailabilityAvailability Check

Checks whether the Cloud Connector can be reached via ping.

AvailabilityPing Time

The duration of the ping request (in milliseconds).


Connected Subaccounts

Shows the connected subaccounts and their connection status.
ConnectionsActive ConnectionsShows the number of active connections per subaccount.

Backend Calls

Number of backend calls for each maintained backend.

HardwarePhysical Memory

Determines the physical memory of the Cloud Connector (in GB).

HardwareVirtual Memory

Provides the virtual memory of the Cloud Connector (in GB).


Java Heap

Determines the Java Heap of the Cloud Connector (in GB).
CertificatesCertificate Validity

Number of days until the certificate expires. A certificate is marked as ok (respectively expiring) if the number of days to expiry lies above (respectively below) the corresponding threshold in the SAP Cloud Connector configuration.


For Health Monitoring, the SAP Cloud Connector should be in version 2.13.0 or higher

Setup Steps in SAP Cloud Connector

Please refer to the corresponding section Setup Step in SAP Cloud Connector.

Setup Steps in SAP Cloud ALM

Please refer to the corresponding section Setup Steps in SAP Cloud ALM.

Activate Monitoring

As soon as an endpoint is created in Health Monitoring, the monitoring of the SAP Cloud Connector system will be automatically activated. In order to display the service in the Health Monitoring application, please perform the following steps.

  • Open the scope selector
  • Perform a query with service status “Configured” (or “All”), select your SAP Cloud Connector system from the scope selector, and apply the selection
  • The SAP Cloud Connector system will be displayed in the configuration section, and also in the overview and monitoring sections after the first successful data collection
  • To enable custom thresholds and alerting, navigate to the configuration section and do the following
    • Search for the SAP Cloud Connector system in the systems section of the configuration section
    • Click on the SAP Cloud Connector system link
    • It launches a configuration dialog with the metrics and events section
    • Custom thresholds can be configured in the metrics section
    • Events as alerts and notifications can be enabled in the events section


To troubleshoot any issues with the setup or the data collection for SAP Cloud Connector, please follow the documentation on page Troubleshooting for SAP Cloud Connector.