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Troubleshooting for SAP Cloud Connector

This page gives you some hints when you get an error or run into a problem during the SAP Cloud ALM monitoring setup of SAP Cloud Connector.

The troubleshooting on the page can be used for:

  • SAP Cloud Connector


After having configured a system of type SAP Cloud Connector in LMS, you try to add an endpoint for the data collection. Every time you try to save the endpoint you get an error. 

You can only save an endpoint in the implicit connection check for the endpoint is successful. The reason for the failing connection check can be one of the following reason:

  1. 400 Bad Request, with the message "Bad Request - This combination of host and port requires TLS."
    When adding the entry for the SAP Cloud Connector itself in the SAP Cloud Connector setup "Cloud to On-Premise", you have to choose the protocol HTTPS. HTTP communication is not allowed for SAP Cloud Connector.
  2. 401 Unauthorized
    Check whether the credentials you enter for SAP Cloud Connector are correct. Try to log on to the SAP Cloud Connector UI with this user. Furthermore please check the authorization of the user.
  3. 404 Not Found
    Make sure that you maintained the correct internal host and internal port when adding the cloud connector itself during the SAP Cloud Connector setup under "Cloud to On-Premise" in the SAP Cloud Connector UI. You can verify this by checking the URL used to log on to the SAP Cloud Connector UI. These are the values that need to be used for the internal host and port during the system creation. 
    If no port is mentioned in the SAP Cloud Connector UI URL, please find this port in the logs of the ljs_trace.log in the section "Log And Trace Files" of the SAP Cloud Connector UI.

Please check SAP Help Portal - SAP Cloud Connector for detailed documentation of all aspects of the SAP Cloud Connector. 

This is possible through the following configuration:

  1. Make sure that the Alias is the same in the /etc/hosts file for both Master and Shadow instances.
  2. Use this alias as Internal Host (preceding the port) for a "Cloud to On-Premise" entry for each of the instances (once they have the master role).
  3. Use the same Virtual Host in each of the entries in point 2.
  4. Finally, maintain this Virtual Host in the Endpoint in the SAP Cloud Connector system in SAP Cloud ALM - Landscape Management. In this way, only one endpoint will need to be maintained in the configuration