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Business Process Monitoring

The Business Process Monitoring app in SAP Cloud ALM for operations supports the detect-to-correct lifecycle of SAP Cloud solutions along the end-to-end processes of the Intelligent Suite.

Business process monitoring aims to provide transparency about the end-to-end process health based on predefined key performance indicators (KPIs). It enables both line-of-business users and IT users to directly identify business process disruptions across the entire system landscape, and to react to anomalies before critical situations arise.

The objective of this app is to ensure smooth business operations without disruptions, and to increase the quality and performance of the business process execution.

For further details see the overview presentation.

The following end-to-end processes based of the Intelligent Suite are supported:

  • Recruit to Retire
  • Lead to Cash
  • Source to Pay
  • Design to Operate


Business Process Monitoring (BPMon), as part of SAP Cloud ALM for operations, provides transparency over the end-to-end processes of the entire Intelligent Suite.

BPMon monitors the processes' health and detects anomalies during process execution and enables both LOB and IT users to directly identify process disruptions and react to them:

  • Identify business disruptions and exceptions in process execution based on pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Identify technical issues which have direct impact on mission critical processes with technical monitoring

This ensures smooth business operations without disruptions and increases the business process execution quality and performance.


  • Offer transparency into end-to-end processes based on predefined business process KPIs
  • Provide out-of-the box real-time monitoring across the entire Intelligent Suite
  • Reduce implementation effort by auto-discovery of relevant business process KPIs
  • Receive automatic alerts and provide automated corrective actions
  • Enrich operational business process information with application monitoring information
  • Predict business process anomalies before business is impacted
  • Process information will be retrieved from SAP Cloud ALM for implementation
  • Continuous development of further business process KPIs based on APIs provided by SAP Cloud Applications

Setup & Configuration

For more details on prerequisites, setup, housekeeping, and customer support, please check the Business Process Monitoring - Setup & Configuration page.