SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation

SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation

Key Features:

  • Support for customers in the implementation of cloud centric solution landscapes with a preconfigured, out-of-the-box, cloud native solution
  • Features, functions and processes are provided for the running of Fit-to-standard workshops and management of all implementation, testing and deployment activities. They adhere to SAP Activate methodology, content and tools.
  • Ease of initial onboarding is followed by the availability of preconfigured process with open interfaces, that are extendable and adoptable to a customer's individual needs
  • Backed by these powerful capabilities, Cloud ALM for Implementation is a key companion in your transition to the cloud.

Learn more from the overview presentation (PDF).

Functional Overview

Core functionality of SAP Cloud ALM for implementation

  • Self-guided and content-driven implementation based on SAP Activate methodology and Best Practices content
  • Fast onboarding of project Teams and Progress Monitoring of implementation activities
  • Project planning synchronized with SAP Cloud solutions release timelines
  • Manage Implementation Tasks – automatically generated and adapted to customer scope
  • Supports Fit-to-Standard workshops with convenient visualization of Business Models and Process Descriptions
  • Prepare and manage manual and automated tests
  • Integrated reporting capabilities

Core Capabilities

In the boxes below you can find more information about each core capability, as well as a detailed presentation (PDF) for each capability.

Consume Intelligent Enterprise scenarios, SAP best practice content and manage fit-to-standard workshops.
  • Implementation based on SAP Best Practice Process Content and Intelligent Enterprise Scenarios 
  • Process Based scoping for Fit-to-Standard Workshops
  • Creation of requirements on process models
  • Detailed access to BPMN process models, test scripts and executables

Perform implementation activities based on SAP Activate, integrated in SAP toolchain.
  • Implementation based on SAP Activate Methodology
  • Tasks automatically assigned to roles
  • Set detailed due dates or derive from phases
  • Mass change of task attributes
  • Creation of manual tasks

Prepare  and execute tests based on SAP content for manual testing and integration of automated testing tools.
  • Prepare Tests on process based requirements
  • Identify implementation progress
  • Define test readiness
  • Includes manual & automatic test cases

Manage your requirements lifecycle by utilizing the change management workflow and deployment orchestration.
  • Plan Project Milestones based on SAP Release Data 
  • Get recommendation for Deployment windows
  • Access to tenant upgrade dates
  • Access to release information like ‘What's New' or ‘Release Impact Assessment'
  • Overview of all upgrade-related tasks

Project Landscape
  • Quick overview of your Project Landscape per SAP Product
  • Assigning and unassigning of corresponding tenants
  • Direct navigation to tenant  via Open URL
  • Automatic provisioning of deep links based on the Project Landscape tenant details

Customer Benefits

  • Fast time-to-value through guidance and task-driven implementation
  • Harmonized implementation experience across SAP Cloud solutions
  • Instantaneously available, no deployment or configuration activities
  • Fast onboarding of your project team
  • Automated collection and assignment of tasks to the project team
  • Comprehensive workspace for fit-to-standard workshops
  • Built-in transparency about implementation progress