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SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation

SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation

Key Features:

  • Support for customers in the implementation of cloud centric solution landscapes with a preconfigured, out-of-the-box, cloud native solution
  • Features, functions and processes are provided for the running of Fit-to-standard workshops and management of all implementation, testing and deployment activities. They adhere to SAP Activate methodology, content and tools.
  • Ease of initial onboarding is followed by the availability of preconfigured process with open interfaces, that are extendable and adoptable to a customer's individual needs
  • Backed by these powerful capabilities, Cloud ALM for Implementation is a key companion in your transition to the cloud.

Learn more from the overview presentation (PDF) and the Expert portal for implementation.

Functional Overview

Core functionality of SAP Cloud ALM for implementation

  • Self-guided and content-driven implementation based on SAP Activate methodology and Best Practices content
  • Fast onboarding of project Teams and Progress Monitoring of implementation activities
  • Project planning synchronized with SAP Cloud solutions release timelines
  • Manage Implementation Tasks – automatically generated and adapted to customer scope
  • Supports Fit-to-Standard workshops with convenient visualization of Business Models and Process Descriptions
  • Prepare and manage manual and automated tests
  • Deployment and release planning
  • Integrated reporting capabilities

Core Capabilities

In the boxes below you can find more information about each core capability, as well as a detailed presentation (PDF) for each capability.

Create your Project, onboard Team Members and manage Fit-to-Standard Workshops with Intelligent Enterprise scenarios and SAP Best Practice content.

Onboarding & Project Setup
  • Invite Users and assign them to your SAP Activate Roles and Teams

  • Structure your Project timelines with Phases, Sprints and Milestones

  • Select SAP Activate Methodology Roadmap per SAP Product

  • Benefit from SAP Standard Process content like SAP Best Practice Content and Intelligent Enterprise Scenarios

Fit-to-Standard Execution
  • Manage your Fit-to-Standard Workshops in SAP Cloud ALM

  • Process based scoping for Fit-to-Standard Workshops

  • Detailed access to SAP Standard Process Models, Test Scripts and Executables

  • Create own Processes with integrated Process Modelling capabilities

Perform implementation activities based on SAP Activate, integrated in SAP toolchain.

Project Management
  • Manage your project using agile methodologies with Sprints, User Stories and Story Points

  • Consume methodology tasks with accelerators from SAP Activate roadmaps 

  • Visualize dependencies in a Gantt-Chart View

  • Integrate with other project management tools using open APIs 

  • Integrated with SAP Central Business Configuration for SAP S4/HANA Cloud

Project Execution
  • Manage all implementation activities necessary for WRICEFs*

  • Break down Requirements in User Stories and Tasks 

  • Distribute work using subtasks and assign to other teams or project members

  • Track project and solution readiness using integrated analytics 

Prepare and execute tests based on SAP content for manual testing and integration of automated testing tools.

Test Planning & Orchestration
  • Prepare your Tests for Manual and Automated Test Cases

  • Orchestrate testing across different test types and test automation providers 

  • Plan and structure your tests execution using Test Plans

  • Leverage SAP delivered standard Test Cases 

  • Prepare Tests on Process based Requirements

Test Execution
  • Execute manual, step based test cases

  • Integration of Test Automation providers 

  • SAP S/4HANA Test Automation Tool

  • Tricentis Test Automation

  • Open API for other test automation providers

  • Manage defects in Test Execution 

Manage the deployment of functionality through your implementation landscape by utilizing the new entity Feature.

Change Enablement
  • Document all software changes
  • Ensure traceability & audit trails
  • Record changes with integration into software deployment providers
  • SAP ABAP based, SAP Cloud TMS, ATO for SAP S/4HANA Cloud*

Deployment Orchestration 
  • Deliver software using features across solution and project landscape

  • Plan your deployments using deployment plans and releases

  • Orchestrating different deployment mechanisms and ensure consistent software delivery to production

Use Integrated Analytics to make it easier for all project members to understand KPIs and their impact on the implementation project.

Project Tracking & Overview
  • Aggregated and organized view on all aspects of the project in one location
  • Analyze real-time project execution data and ensure successful project execution 

  • Drill down to critical KPIs and identify bottlenecks or blockers

  • Ensure Traceability from processes, requirements, tasks, tests, down to the deployment to production
  • Use Requirements Traceability to ensure that all requirements are properly implemented, tested and ready for deployment

  • Process Traceability provides you insights in the readiness from a process perspective

  • Feature Traceability allows the identification of successfully implemented features and test readiness before deployment

  • Integrate third party tools into SAP Cloud ALM by using our open API's

  • Find all APIs, Documentation and Accelerators at the SAP API Business Hub 

  • Available APIs for SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation: Projects, Tasks, Analytics, Test Automation


  • Get more information on new capabilities and its benefits 

  • Find SAP Cloud ALM Roadmap at the SAP Roadmap Explorer

  • Stay also up to date with our What's New? section on
    SAP Help Portal

* planned

Customer Benefits

  • Fast time-to-value through guidance and task-driven implementation
  • Harmonized implementation experience across SAP Cloud solutions
  • Instantaneously available, no deployment or configuration activities
  • Fast onboarding of your project team
  • Automated collection and assignment of tasks to the project team
  • Comprehensive workspace for fit-to-standard workshops
  • Built-in transparency about implementation progress