SAP Trust Center Services

The secure way to access services and systems

No business without trust. This principle is crucial for collaborative business processes. Procedures for reliable trust relationship management, such as authentication delegation, single sign-on, and impersonation have become practically indispensable for an e-business environment. They bridge the security gap between users, systems, and applications. Public-key infrastructures form the foundation of a secure e-business architecture. A reliable trust center, the core of this infrastructure, issues digital certificates and, in doing so, ties a digital identity to the user. Certificate-based authentication and single sign-on procedures provide a high level of security for applications with highly sensitive company data.

SAP provides its customers with the SAP Trust Center Services to enable them to manage their collaborative business securely and easily.

Key benefits of the SAP Trust Center Services

  • Enable secure collaborative business scenarios to customers by using asymmetric cryptography and digital certificates
  • Allow customers to perform single sign-on to all internal and external systems
  • Provide secure access to current and future marketplaces on the Internet
  • No administration is necessary as the registration and authentication processes are fully automated
  • You are part of the SAP Trust Community, that is founded on SAP's existing customer base
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In Detail

SAP offers its customers the SAP Trust Center Services to face these challenges and to ease secure collaborative business.

Single sign-on with your SAP Passport

Customers and partners are also able to log on to the SAP Service Marketplace and the SAP Support Portal using their SAP Passport and benefit from the advantages of a certificate-based, single sign-on mechanism. If you do not yet use an SAP Passport in your SAP solution you can request an SAP Passport for single sign-on in the SAP Service Marketplace.

SSL Server Certificates

If in your business you perform transactions that transfer valuable information over the Internet to your business partners, it is essential to encrypt this information and protect it from unauthorized use. SSL server certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) uniquely identify servers beyond corporate boundaries and encrypt the transfer path.

SAProuter certificates for support connections

The SAProuter is part of a firewall system and controls connections between internal and external networks. You can obtain special server certificates to validate Internet connections set up for support purposes between your company and SAP via the SAProuter.

SAProuter certificates are free of charge for customers and partners.