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SAP offers innovation adopter services to help you jump start your projects with SAP’s latest products and solutions.



SAP Beta is an experience program to obtain your feedback and input before products are released to customers for productive usage. Beta programs provide you with early access to SAP software to test and see how it fits your business requirements. Beta shipments are provided under a test and evaluation agreement (TEA) and can be used for testing purposes only. Productive usage is not allowed and is not supported under the maintenance and support agreement.


Adopt Early

The SAP Early Adopter Care programs connect customers with products and innovations to help them simplify, innovate, and digitize - fast. The programs gives our customers a direct channel to SAP with the support of the Early Adopter project coach, enabling two-way communication, improving transparency, and allowing stakeholders to react to and minimize project risk. At the same time, early adoption programs can help improve SAP products, drive company strategy to increase adoption, and better serve all SAP customers.


Early Knowledge Transfer

Early Knowledge Transfer is SAP's enablement offering for innovations. Available already with Release To Customer, it provides customers, partners and SAP teams a head start to adopting the new product.

Questions & Feedback

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Our Early Adopter Care Service Overview provides a summary of the services and benefits from the program