Knowledge Base & Incidents

Have you previewed the new pages on the SAP Support Portal preview site?

Facing an issue with your product?

First try the SAP Knowledge Base Search which spans multiple repositories, including SAP Notes, SAP Knowledge Base Articles, SAP Community discussions, and more.

You may also use the SAP Note & KBA Expert Search to search by additional criteria such as application component, system, release dates, software component, version, and priority. Here you are able to save search queries and have the results display directly on the tile.

If you are unable to find a solution, you can report an incident for errors related to your products or SAP support applications. If you have a "How to" question, visit the SAP Community or the SAP SuccessFactors Community where you can post questions to knowledgeable users and share ideas, opinions and information about SAP products and services.

FAQ's & Known Issues

Are there any known issues or temporary limitations with the incident management, search, SAP Notes & KBA applications or processes?
Where can I find my Service Messages or Service Reports?
What is the difference between an SAP Note and an SAP Knowledge Base Article?
How can I provide remote access to my systems so that SAP can best support me?
Did you know?

You are now able to find preview versions of SAP Knowledge Base Articles on search engines such as Google.

Tip: If you add the term 'KBA' to your search you will greatly increases the relevancy of your search results.