Change and Transport System

The Change and Transport System (CTS) helps you to organize development projects in the ABAP Workbench and in Customizing, and then transport the changes between the SAP systems in your system landscape.

The complete documentation on how to configure CTS and how to set up transport landscapes is available on the SAP Help Portal at Change and Transport System.

If you need to transport non-ABAP objects, please refer to the page about enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+). On this page, you can find guides and information about applications which support CTS+.

Git-enabled CTS

A first set of features of git-enabled CTS (gCTS) is available with SAP S/4HANA 1909. With this first edition, we support a  continuous integration process for ABAP. You can find the documentation on how to configure and use gCTS on the SAP Help Portal: Git-enabled Change and Transport System

To get the idea of gCTS and what we plan for future releases, please refer to our statement of direction.


SAP HANA Transport for ABAP for SAP HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HTA for HDI) enables you to develop content for ABAP for SAP HANA applications (both HDI and ABAP objects) and transport the content together using the Change and Transport System of AS ABAP. HTA for HDI is the successor of HTA (available for SAP HANA Repository) by offering a solution for HDI objects as of Enhancement Package 2, Support Package 02 of SAP NetWeaver 7.5.

Find more information:


With SAP HANA Transport for ABAP (HTA), you can synchronize objects and packages from the SAP HANA repository to the SAP HANA Transport for ABAP repository (HTA repository) in the ABAP system and add them to a transport request. HTA can be used when development objects in ABAP and SAP HANA have closely linked content and need to be transported together. More information about HTA:

Central CTS

Central CTS (cCTS) adds the new entities of Clusters and Collections to the world of CTS. These entities are used to bundle systems within clusters and transport requests (coming from different systems) within collections.

The Concepts for Central CTS are explained on the SAP Help Portal

Change Request Management (ChaRM) and Quality Gate Management (QGM) of SAP Solution Manager make use of these entities of the cCTS infrastructure. 

If you need to configure central CTS, refer to the guide How To... Set Up cCTS for ChaRM and QGM for SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Central CTS cannot be used outside of ChaRM or QGM