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SAP Customer Data Solutions Onboarding Resource Center

Webinar Registration

We invite you to join a live 45-minute onboarding presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.


Keys to Success

  • Join an onboarding webinar
  • Review SAP for Me
  • Access the system to understand user management
  • Set up your site architecture

Project Readiness

Keys to Success


Project Delivery Framework

Recommended Staffing

Resources for Implementations

Guidance and Enablement

Keys to Success


Resources for Implementation Best Practices


Enable your team to succeed in the project implementation and become fully competent in adopting the solution. Check out the guided materials and create your own enablement plan based on your needs. For more in-depth guidance, please refer to our get onboarded value maps.

Quarterly Engagement Program

SAP Enterprise Support Academy

Product Support Accreditation

SAP Learning Journey


Video Playlist

SAP Training

Community Q&A

Project Progress

Keys to Success


Security Best Practices

SAP Trust Center

Breach Notification

Go-Live Preparation

Keys to Success

SOC User Guide

Prepare for High Traffic Event

Solution Maintenance Resources

Now that your SAP Customer Data Solution is live, it's time to transition to ongoing governance and adoption. Engage with subject matter experts on new feature enhancements and explore SAP Customer Data Solutions product development roadmap.