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SAP NetWeaver Remote Function Call (RFC)
Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK offers a C/C++ interface for connecting to SAP systems from release R/3 4.6C up to today's SAP S/4HANA systems. It allows to develop programs that call ABAP functionality (RFC clients) as well as programs that can be called from ABAP (RFC servers).

The most important features of the SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK are:

  • Working with the native RFC protocol
  • Large protocol functionality - for example, all relevant features of RFC in SAP systems are also supported by the SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK
  • High performance
  • High flexibility

The SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK is thread-safe. This enables the user to write powerful multi-threaded RFC applications.

The SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK is not compatible with the "classic" RFC Library. Existing applications using the classic RFC Library need to be adjusted if you want to convert them to the SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK.

Download & Documentation

SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.50

  • Supports RFC communication with SAP systems of Release 4.6C and higher. Supports column-based serialization (a faster data transfer format available since Kernel Release 7.51). Compared to 7.20, it also provides new features. Updated to work with newer compiler versions. Backward compatible with SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.20.
  • Release notes and a summary of new features can be found in SAP Note 2573881.
  • Information on where to download the 7.50 version of the SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK and information about currently supported platforms can be found in SAP Note 2573790.
  • For instructions on how to compile your RFC programs against SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.50, see SAP Note 2573953.
  • Documentation in Doxygen format: SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK Doxygen Documentation (7.50 patch level 11), January 30, 2023 (ZIP archive, 920 KB)
  • A programming guide in PDF format can be downloaded here: SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK ProgrammingGuide, May 06, 2020 (Adobe PDF, 590 KB)