Upgrades and Updates for SAP Business One

All SAP Business One customers with a valid maintenance agreement are entitled to receive new versions and updates for free.

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Product Release Upgrades

SAP provides well-defined upgrade paths for SAP Business One. Direct upgrades from one SAP Business One release to another are normally only supported if the currently installed release and target release are two consecutive releases (e.g. upgrading from 9.3 to 10.0).

Depending on technical constraints, if the currently installed release and the target release are more than one version apart (for example, 9.1 and 10.0), upgrades may have to be performed in several steps.

Refer to the SAP Business One Upgrade Strategy for an overview of upgrade options.


Feature Packages & Hotfixes

Starting from SAP Business One 10.0 release in April 2020, continuous innovation will be delivered via feature packages of SAP Business One 10.0.

Feature Packages are delivered on a quarterly basis and contain new features, corrections, as well as legal changes.

In exceptional cases, a solution to a specific issue must be delivered outside of the quarterly feature package delivery cycle. The hotfix mechanism enables SAP Business One to deliver the required solution to customers/partners immediately, without having to wait for the next feature package delivery.

In very exceptional and rare cases, a hotfix delivers a solution to a problem that was caused by a previous feature package. This hotfix would be announced by hot news or other specific rollout communication.

Once a hotfix is applied to the customer's installation to correct the issue, it is recommended to update to the next regular feature package once released, as hotfixes are only provided as temporary solutions. If a hotfix is not applicable to all customers, it is not necessary to install it because the next regular feature package will include that hotfix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the Feature Package & Patch Delivery Schedule for components related to SAP Business One in SAP Note 2267770.

You can subscribe to receive notification when it is updated, refer to SAP Note 2513160 for the detailed guideline.