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Maintenance for SAP Business One

SAP Business One, like all enterprise resource planning systems, is the key backbone in business operations. Can you afford not to have the latest software and service to support your business?

Value & Benefits

  • Access to the most up-to-date technology and best-class software for your industry
  • Daily business operations without interruptions
  • Compliance with the current legislation

  • Support for all issues
  • SAP 24x7 support for system standstill issues
  • Insurance policy

Maintenance & Release Strategy

Enhancements to the SAP Business One application may be delivered in major releases or feature deliveries.

  • Starting from SAP Business One 10.0 release in April 2020, continuous innovation will be delivered via feature packages of SAP Business One 10.0 on a quarterly basis. Major releases contain major new functionality or architectural platform changes or both.
  • Feature packages are delivered on a quarterly basis and include new features as well as corrections and legal changes. Generally, the user interfaces remain stable between major release and feature deliveries.
  • The major SAP Business One release followed by its feature deliveries is referred to as the SAP Business One release family.

SAP provides at least five (5) years of mainstream maintenance for an SAP Business One release family and related add-on software products.

For the SAP Business One release family, the five-year mainstream maintenance period begins with the general availability date of the major release (for example, x.0) and covers any subsequent feature deliveries. The following conditions apply:

  • As soon as a new SAP Business One release family has passed the general availability date, the maintenance of the preceding release is discontinued.
  • Extended maintenance is not offered for SAP Business One releases and applications.

SAP Business One ReleaseMaintenance Phase
8.8/8.81/8.82Mainstream maintenance period ended
9.0/9.1/9.2/9.3Mainstream maintenance period ended
10.0In mainstream maintenance until June 30, 2025*

* Dates are subject to change

At the end of the mainstream maintenance period for an SAP Business One release, the following scenarios are possible:

  1. Upgrade to the next/latest release in mainstream maintenance.
  2. Remain on current release for which mainstream maintenance period has ended (no further corrections or new functionality will be provided).

Refer to the SAP Business One Upgrade Strategy for an overview of upgrade options.