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SAP Trust Center Services

Certificate-based authentication and single sign-on procedures provide a high level of security for applications with highly sensitive company data. Procedures for reliable trust relationship management, such as authentication delegation, single sign-on, and impersonation have become practically indispensable, bridging the security gap between users, systems, and applications. A reliable trust center, the core of public-key infrastructures, issues digital certificates, tying a digital identity to the user.

Key benefits of the SAP Trust Center Services

  • Enable secure collaborative business scenarios to customers by using asymmetric cryptography and digital certificates
  • Allows you to perform single sign-on to all internal and external systems
  • Provide secure access to current and future marketplaces on the Internet
  • No administration is necessary as the registration and authentication processes are fully automated
  • You are part of the SAP Trust Community, that is founded on SAP's existing customer base

SAP Trust Center

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Services Details

SAP offers you the SAP Trust Center Services to ease secure collaborative business

SAP Passport

Customers and partners are also able to log on to the SAP Support Portal using their SAP Passport and benefit from the advantages of a certificate-based, single sign-on mechanism. If you do not yet use an SAP Passport in your SAP solution you can request an SAP Passport for single sign-on in the SAP Support Portal.

SSL Certificates

If in your business you perform transactions that transfer valuable information over the Internet to your business partners, it is essential to encrypt this information and protect it from unauthorized use. SSL server certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) uniquely identify servers beyond corporate boundaries and encrypt the transfer path.

SAP Router

The SAProuter is part of a firewall system and controls connections between internal and external networks. You can obtain special server certificates to validate Internet connections set up for support purposes between your company and SAP with SAProuter.

SAProuter certificates are free of charge for customers and partners.

SSL Server Certificates

As of September 1, 2020, you will no longer be able to order new SSL server certificates through SAP.

Please choose a different Certificate Authority of your choice. In the SSL Server Certificates application in SAP for Me, you will still be able to review the list of certificates issued before September 1, 2020.

SSL server certificates ensure:

  • secure and confidential data transmission.
  • your Internet servers belong to your company.

SSL Certificate FAQs

To order an SSL server certificate, you need authorization for authorization object SSL Certificate Administrator in the SAP support systems.

Usually, only system administrators have this authorization. Your system administrator can give you authorization.

A new SSL server certificate costs 260 EUR (+ sales tax). 

Yes, you can order an SSL server certificate for all of your company's server systems.

Configure your server for supporting SSL

To read the server documentation, choose a server from the list below:


For servers not listed, read the instruction manual of the server.

You cannot change or adapt your certificate.

You need to apply for a new certificate and have the current one cancelled.

Only the person who created the order can track its status.

No, you will need to order a new certificate. Your certificate is valid for two years.

Download Digital Certificates & Cryptographic Software

Root Certificates

If you use web components (clients or servers) that do not already have these certificates, you can update these components by downloading the root certificates provided below.

The different root certificates are used for different purposes, as described below. If you are not sure which one you need, you can import all of them.

Root CA Certificates of SAP Trust Center Services:

  • SAP Passport CA G2 
  • SAP Cloud Root CA - Servers need this root certificate to verify SAP Passports. Therefore, you have to import this certificate in your web servers, for example, in front of your workplace or marketplace, to authenticate SAP Passport users.
  • Test CA Certificate - This root certificate has the same purpose as the SAP Passport CA certificate, but it is only used for testing and demo purposes.

We protect the download of the root certificates by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol. SSL will provide you with an encrypted and authenticated channel to the host for downloading the root certificates.


Help & Support

If you require assistance,  create a case and be sure to include which browser and operating system you are using.

  • Problems registering SAProuter use component: Network connection (XX-SER-NET)
  • Technical problems requesting certificates within Web AS: Secure Store and Forward (BC-SEC-SSF)
  • Problems with single sign-on: SAP Support Portal - Access (XX-SER-SAPSMP-ACC)
  • Check the status of an order: SAP Trust Center Service (XX-SER-TCS)