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Deployment Models by SAP and Hyperscalers

Find out about the cooperation between SAP and the Hyperscalers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google or Alibaba and the opportunities offered for your organization. Furthermore, discover the SAP Business Technology Platform services available on Hyperscalers.

SAP and Hyperscalers

Discover available Infrastructure as a Service Platforms for your preferred deployment model. Here you can find all certified hardware supporting IaaS configurations for OLAP, OLTP and SAP Business One for these vendors:

  • Alibaba Cloud Computing Limited
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
  • IBM Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Open Telekom Cloud

Infrastructure as a Service Platforms

Discover the different pillars of the collaboration between SAP and Microsoft Azure, as well as the various options of deploying SAP solutions and applications on Microsoft Azure. Don't miss the opportunity to access the latest whitepapers, e-books, webinars, videos and blogs on the website below.

SAP on Microsoft Azure Resources

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides SAP customers and partners with on-demand access to servers, storage, and networking in the cloud, to run their SAP systems. AWS is completely self-service, and you pay only for the resources you need and use. With AWS, you don’t need to wait days, weeks, or even months for capital to be approved and infrastructure to be procured and provisioned. AWS enables you to deploy the infrastructure needed to support a complete SAP environment in only a few hours. Learn more about the most important aspects of the collaboration and how to get started with SAP in AWS on the website below. Moreover, the General SAP Guidelines provide documentations about all relevant topics in this context such as overviews and planning information for SAP users and partners, including general information about implementing, configuring, and operating SAP environments and solutions on the AWS Cloud.

Getting Started With SAP on AWS

General SAP Guides

Discover the building blocks of the cooperation between Google Cloud and SAP, including possible benefits and customer examples. Learn more about how to simply upgrade with easy migration tools, run with agility on an all-VM based architecture, and innovate for results from SAP data.

SAP on Google Cloud

Learn more about Alibaba Cloud as another partner of SAP, offering reliability and security  businesses require. The mature service infrastructure and platforms of Alibaba Cloud, when combined with the world-leading applications and Database Management System (DBMS) services of SAP, can help to simplify the overall IT infrastructure and accelerate the digital transformation.

SAP on Alibaba Cloud

Introduction to SAP - Alibaba Cloud Document Center

Knowledge and Communities

Don't miss the opportunity to take a deep dive into the SAP & Hyperscaler environment by engaging in communities or consuming SAP Notes and other knowledge assets of interest.

Learn more about Enterprise Strategy Architecture Landscape in the dedicated section of the SAP News Center.

News on Enterprise Strategy Architecture Landscape

Are you operating SAP applications, operating systems, and databases in virtual, private, and public cloud environments? Here you’ll find product documentation, blogs, articles, Q&As, SAP Notes, and more.

Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure Community

SAP Cloud Appliance Library offers a quick and easy way to consume the latest SAP solutions in the public cloud - such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA Express Edition, industry solutions, model companies, etc. This is an online library of preconfigured, ready-to-use SAP business solutions that can be instantly deployed into your own cloud accounts to kick-start your SAP projects.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Instant access to a library of SAP business solutions
  • Preconfigured test, demo, trial and development systems
  • Fully automated deployment into your public cloud account
  • Seamless integration with leading cloud providers

SAP Cloud Appliance Library - Landing Page

The General Support Statement for Virtual Environments entails:

  • General Support Statement for Virtual Environments
  • Supported SAP Applications
  • Supported Operating Systems, Virtualization Solutions and Technologies
  • Support for Databases
  • Support for Third-party Components

General Support Statement for Virtual Environments  (S-User required)


The reasons and prerequisites regarding the SAP note on SAP support in Infrastructure as a Service environments are:

  • You have already licensed SAP software and want to run it in an infrastructure that is offered as a service.
  • You have executed an SAP system sizing and you know the resource requirements of your SAP application.
  • You know which instance types of your IaaS provider are permitted for SAP software and how much capacity can be reliably provided by your IaaS provider.
  • You are familiar with the quality of the network connection (bandwidth, latency, package loss) from and to the data center region of your IaaS provider.
  • You have experience in dealing with fully or partially virtualized infrastructures, and you know which operating systems your IaaS provider supports in combination with SAP software.
  • You know the support services provided by your IaaS provider.
  • You have experience in the technical operation of SAP systems and can configure the infrastructure of your future IaaS provider, or you want to have your SAP system managed by a hosting-certified or cloud-certified service provider.

SAP support in Infrastructure as a Service environments (S-User required)