Advanced IT Operations Self-Assessment

The Advanced IT Operations Self-Assessment is applicable when you want to plan the optimization of your Customer COE, including efficient end-to-end solution operation processes in your IT landscape and support organization, or you are interested in the Advanced Customer COE Program, and you want, first of all, to get a quick and rough estimation of the maturity of your IT processes together with the initial identification of areas of improvement.

The Advanced IT Operations Self-Assessment has been developed and structured to cover all IT processes in your organization and collect valuable information (with guided or multiple choice answers schema) in a very fast way: it will require around one / two hours of your time, hence lowering at a minimum your effort.

After completion, SAP will be able to provide a rough estimation of the maturity of your IT processes including maturity indicators and initial recommendations in each area, together with Benchmark information to give additional guidance in evaluating your results.

The value of this Advanced IT Operations Self-Assessment will be further enhanced by the SAP Operations Planning Workshop (SOPW), where SAP will interact directly with your experts, on site for several days, and will come up with a more sophisticated and precise evaluation, including action plans for moving ahead.