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RFC Destination Availability Script Template

Checking an RFC Destination (ABAP Connection, TCP/IP Connection,..) can be done with the attached RFC script:

It executes FM /SDF/RFC_CHECK which triggers an connection test for a given RFC destination name. The step also checks if an error occurred and sets then the script status to failed.


  1. Create a new project and import the ZIP file via the context menu of the project > 'Import...'
  2. It is recommended to rename the imported script via the context menu of the script > 'Rename ...'
  3. Double-click the script to open it.
  4. The RFC Wizard will open. 
    1. You can enter the instance connection data to the system you want to check the RFC in and add additional RFC methods to the script
    2. Or you can cancel the RFC Wizard to open the script. 
  5. Open the Script Configuration.

Under 'Variables' enter the RFC destination to test for the variable RFC_DEST.


Under 'RFC' you can enter or change the connection information for the managed system.


Each message should have at least one check. In the template the value for the export parameter EXPORT.EV_PING_MESSAGE is checked. 

For more information on RFC scripts and how to add other check please refer to EEM Script for RFC