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Introscope Push


This page explains the IS Push service and how it is configured. It provides guidance how to troubleshoot problems and how to analyze grey metrics in System Monitoring of SAP Solution Manager and SAP Focused Run (FRUN).


The Introscope Push service (IS Push, also called SapPush) is a service running as part of the Introscope Enterprise Manager. The main goal of the IS Push is to send Introscope metrics to Solution Manager or SAP Focused Run Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI). The IS Push is a service running as an Enterprise Manager plug-in, it is delivered as part of SAP Management Modules. Further information about the SAP Management Modules, check SAP Note 1579474.

The IS Push service starts when the Enterprise Manager is started and keeps running whilst the Enterprise Manager is running. Driven via XML configuration files that are transferred to the Introscope EM host via diagnostics agents the push service subscribes to Introscope metrics and pushes metric updates to the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure of Solution Manager and FRUN systems. The picture below describes a general overview about how the IS Push works.

It is possible to connect one Enterprise Manager to more than one SAP Solution Manager and more than one SAP Focused Run system at the same time. The Introscope Push service will then push metric updates to each of the connected SAP Solution Manager or SAP Focused Run systems.


Two SAP Solution Manager setup activities are related to configuring the metric push:

Basic Configuration → Configure Automatically → Push DPC Configuration to CA Introscope

In this automatic activity, you send the Data Provider Connector configuration to the CA Introscope Enterprise Managers. This information is required to enable CA Introscope Enterprise Managers to send data via the DPC push functionality to the SAP Solution Manager system. In other words the Enterprise Manger then knows to which SAP Solution Manager(s) it has to send metrics to Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure.

You may also see  SAP Note 1751225 Introscope Push.

If the Diagnostics Agent assigned to the Enterprise Manager host got changed this activity has to be executed again.

Managed Systems Configuration → Configure Automatically → Generate System-level Metrics

In this automatic activity, you enable CA Introscope Enterprise Manager to aggregate performance metrics on system and instance level. System and instance level aggregates of selected metrics are used in system monitoring.

Introscope agents report metrics per Java node to the Enterprise Manager. By adapting the agentclusters.xml file, the Enterprise Manager is enabled to build instance and system level aggregates for selected metrics.

The basic configuration of the Introscope Push is performed by activity 'Push DPC Configuration to Wily' of the Basic Configuration in SOLMAN_SETUP, the following picture describes where the activity can be found:

The activity 'Push DPC Configuration to Wily' creates the file <solman_SID> which is the main configuration file of the IS Push. This file is located in the EM installation path:

  • <EM install. dir.>/sap

The <solman_SID> holds the configuration of the resources required to run the IS Push. The main properties of this file are:

  • Has the SMDAgent name of the Enterprise Manager host which is connected to the Solution Manager <solman_SID>;
  • metric.config.file: Has the location of file em.ISMetricCollectionDefinition.xml, details about em.ISMetricCollectionDefinition.xml can be found below;
  • dpcpush.credentials.file: Has the location of file, details about can be found below;

Configuration file em.ISMetricCollectionDefinition.xml: The file em.ISMetricCollectionDefinition.xml holds the metrics to be pushed to the Solution Manager Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure. This file is located in the installation path of the SMDAgent specified in property of the <solman_SID> file. The location is:

  • {DiagnosticsAgentPath}/applications.config/

Configuration file The file holds the credentials (user/pwd) required to call the DPC Push service in the Solution Manager system. This file is located in the installation path of the SMDAgent specified in property of the <solman_SID> file. The location is:

  • {DiagnosticsAgentPath}/applications.config/


Runtime Status

The Introscope Push runs as an extractor of the Alerting Framework, its runtime status can be found in the Alerting Framework application. The steps to access the Alerting Framework are:

  1. Transaction SM_WORKCENTER
  2. SAP Solution Manager Administration Workcenter
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Framework
  5. Alerting Framework

The Introscope Push extractor can be found searching for the extractors with the prefix 'IS_' in the Extended Context. Use a filter IS_* to find the Introscope Push related extractors. The following screenshot describes the Introscope Push in the Alerting Framework:

Runtime Log

The Introscope Push log file is the SapDpcPush.log, the file is located in the Enterprise Manager log folder, the location is:

  • <EM INSTALL PATH>\logs

In some, the file 'SapDpcPush.log' does not exist, e.g. because the diagnostics agent did not have write permission when "discovering" the Introscope EM in Solution Manager setup or because only FRUN systems are connected. In these cases the Introscope Push logs are written to the default IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log. In these cases it is recommended to configure the Enterprise Manager to create the SapDpcPush.log. The procedure is described in SAP Note 1751225.