HANA Enterprise Cloud Operations

The SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) is a fully managed subscription based cloud service. The "general" operation of the system is done by the HEC team and there is no need for you to take care of it. But as it is a private cloud and many customer use it as extension of their existing on premise solution there might be the need to integrate the systems located in HEC into existing application lifecycle management processes (e.g. ChaRM) or Run SAP Like a Factory scenarios (e.g. Interface Monitoring, System Monitoring, Business Process Monitoring). In order to achieve this kind of integration your systems located in HEC need to be connected to your on premise SAP Solution Manager. Once the connection is established the setup of the processes/scenarios is straight forward like for any of your on premise systems.


Connecting a SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud System

You want to connect your SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud system to your on premise SAP Solution Manager. As you don't have OS level access and you cannot install the required agents by yourself it is not clear to you how to achieve it. The following guide describes HEC landscape specifics you need to know and guides you through the process how to achieve it.