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System Analysis SSI Activation

Starting with SAP Focused Run 2.0 FP03 it is possible to define centrally if and which RCA capability should be activated by default in Simple System Integration (SSI) setup for managed systems based on LMDB attributes like:

  • IT ADMIN Role (PROD; DEV, TEST,..)
  • IT ADMIN Priority (Very high, high,...)  importance of system
  • Lifecycle status (Active, installed,…)
  • Additional customer LMDB  attribute (and value)
Open in transaction SM30 the maintenance dialog for table RCA_SSI_CONF.
By default you see all available capabilities but with no selected field Active:

In the screen shot above no capability will be activated by Simple System Integration (SSI).

When you want to activate a capability for all systems you just need to set the flag Active and re-execute SSI for your system.

Only these entries are evaluated for SSI configuration where field Active is set and all non-empty fields are matching.

If you want to activate for example ABAP Workprocess Overview only for productive systems that are very important, you need to create a new entry with following fields:

ID: any non existing number

Active: X

Capability Name: ABAP_WP_OVERVIEW

ITA Role: Production System

ITA Prio: Very high

The following table contains some examples:

In the screen shot above for entry number 0 (HANA_LOAD_HOST) and entry number 1 (HANA_LOAD_SERVICE) the capability will be activated in SSI when the system has the LMDB attribute IT admin priority with value Very high.

HANA_TABLE_SIZE and HANA_THREAD_SAMPLES (entry 2 and 3) are activated in SSI for HANA systems with LMDB attributes IT admin role Production System AND the IT admin priority is Very high AND the status is Active

ABAP_WP_OVERVIEW ( entry 4 OR 5) is activated when the IT admin role is a Production System OR the IT admin priority is Very high.

HANA_MEMORY (entry 6) is activated by SSI for all HANA systems.
ABAP Statistic records (aggregated = STATRAGG) (entry 7) are not activated at all.


Special case for IT admin role:

When the IT admin role is not set for the systems and you want to exclude only a small number of systems from activation you can reach this for example with this combination:

In the screen shot above for entry number 1 (ABAP_WP_OVERVIEW) the capability will be activated in SSI when the system has not set the LMDB attribute IT Admin role.

With entry number 12 it is defined that capability (ABAP_WP_OVERVIEW) is not activated by SSI if a system has set the LMDB attribute IT Admin role to value Test System because the Active flag is not set. 

This exclude function works only for IT Admin role and is provided with Focused Run 3.0 FP02.



The combination of matching fields is working only for activation. If a capability is already active, it will not be deactivated if no entry is matching! Deactivation needs to be done either in the UI or for multiple systems with report RCA_DEACTIVATE_CAPABILITIES.

Activation of capabilities for HANA is only done for tenants DBs. For System DBs no capability is activated by SSI!