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Application Log

The ABAP Application Log is used by applications to log messages regarding information, warning or errors. Using SAP Focused Run you can monitor the application log for different applications to be aware of critical messages, to proactively address errors and warnings in your ABAP system.

Integration Monitoring Setup

Available Monitoring Categories

The available monitoring categories are:

  • ABAP Application Log: Application Log entries collected from the ABAP application log (Monitoring transaction SLG1).

Available Filter Options

ABAP Application Log 

For Application Log monitoring it is not possible to collect all application logs without any filter, at least the object and sub-object have to be restricted:

  • Object (mandatory): The object of the log record
  • Subobject (mandatory): The sub-object of the log record
  • External ID: External ID of the Application Log entry
  • Message ID: Message Class
  • Message Number: Message Number
  • Text: Message Text
  • Status: Error (E) or Warning (W)
  • Program: Program triggering the log entry
  • Transaction: Transaction code triggering the log entry
  • User: The user who triggered the log entry

Available Metrics

For Application Log the following metrics are collected:

ABAP Application Log 

  • ABAP Application Log exceptions: Indicates that application log entries that match the filter criteria were collected during the last collection period