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ABAP System Log

The SAP System logs all system errors, warnings, user locks due to failed logon attempts from known users, and process messages in the system log. There are to two different types of logs created by the system log:

  • Local Logs: Each SAP System application server has a local log that receives all the messages output by this server.
  • Central Logs: You can also designate a server to maintain a central log. This server collects the messages from the other application servers and writes these messages to the central log. 

Use transaction SM21 to access the system log output screen.


Integration Monitoring Setup

Available Monitoring Categories

The available monitoring categories are:

  • ABAP System Log: System Log entries in the ABAP system (Monitoring transaction SM21)

Available Filter Options

For ABAP System Log monitoring, you can collect all ABAP System log entries in the managed system. You can also use the following filter parameters, to restrict the data collection:

ABAP System Log

  • Message Id: System log message key (see SM21)
  • Program: The program causing the system log entry (see SM21 → Session Details → Program)
  • User: The user causing the system log entry (see SM21)
  • Status: Error (E) or Warning (W)

Available Metrics

For System Log monitoring the following metrics are collected:

ABAP System Log 

  • ABAP Syslog exceptions: Indicates that ABAP System Log errors were collected during the last collection