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SAP Cloud Integration for data services

This page explains how to connect SAP Cloud Integration service for data services to SAP Focused Run. For the setup of the supported monitoring applications, please click on the monitoring application below.

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP SAP Cloud Integration for data services:

Setup Steps in SAP Cloud Integration for data services

To monitor tasks in SAP Cloud Integration for data services from remote applications, you can use the pre-defined web service user 'WebServicesUser'.

To use this user you have to activate the user and set a password for it.

  1. Go to the 'Administration' tab
  2. In the 'Users' list select the user 'WebServicesUser'
  3. Enter a password for the user
  4. Click 'Set Password'
  5. Click 'Activate'

Setup Steps in SAP Focused Run

Input Values for SAP Cloud Integration for data services

  • Organization name: Name of your organization
  • Root URL:  https://<host> 
  • Description: (optional)

  • Section 'Global':
    • Repository: Production or Sandbox
    • Description: A meaningful description
  • Section 'Authentication':
    • Type: BASICAUTH
    • User: WebServicesUser
    • Password: Password of the user 'WebServicesUser'
  • Section 'Proxy':
    • If necessary add proxy information to connect to the cloud service