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Standalone Host Monitoring

As of SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP01 it is possible to monitor standalone hosts. Initial setup has to be performed via report located under MAI_TOOLS -> Configuration -> Configure Monitoring. On the Entry Point Selection screen, provide following information:

  • Entry Points – host name(s)
  • Entry Point Type – HOST
  • Monitoring Use Case – Technical System Monitoring
  • Namespace Name – namespace of the customer network

Please repeat the same steps for the Monitoring Use Case Solution Manager Self-Monitoring!

Hint: in case you would like to configure the monitoring for several standalone servers from different custom networks/data centers, you can use multiple selection screen for Entry Points. A namespace of a custom network can be passed along with host name with the following syntax: <hostname>~<namespace>. The Namespace Name field remains empty in that case.

Once the initial configuration is executed, the result can be checked in the System Monitoring UI. On the Scope Selection screen, select the Hosts tab and provide the details, e.g. host name.

All further reconfigurations can be performed via Manual Template Assignment (part of System Monitoring – Individual Maintenance and Assignment UI). To do so, select the Managed Object Type ‘Host (Server)' from the drop-down menu and search for a host in the Managed Object field.