SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass is a Software-as-a-Service solution that offers services for external workforce management and services procurement. SAP Fieldglass integrates seamlessly with SAP on-premise solutions via webservices, SAP PI or SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

Integration Scenario

For SAP Fieldglass the following integration scenarios are possible: 



The different scenarios contain the following exceptions and point-to-point connections:

  1. Integrating ABAP backend with the SAP Fieldglass in a direct connectivity scenario: 1, 5
  2. Integrating ABAP backend with the SAP Fieldglass mediated via SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration: 1, 3, 5
  3. Integrating ABAP backend with the SAP Fieldglass mediated via SAP Process Integration (Web Service based): 1, 2, 4, 5

 Scenario ComponentMonitored ContentMonitoring Category
Systems: ABAP on-premise systemWeb Service errors and exceptionsWeb Service Messages (ABAP), Web Service (Performance)
Systems: ABAP on-premise systemMessages in the ABAP proxy frameworkABAP: PI Messages
Cloud Services: SAP Integration Suite - Cloud IntegrationIntegration flows (IFlow) in SAP Integration Suite - Cloud IntegrationSAP Integration Suite
Systems: PI on-premise systemPI messages send via SAP PI

Java: PI Communication Channels, PI Messages

Cloud Services: SAP FieldglassExceptions that occur in the SAP FieldglassSAP Fieldglass Integration, SAP Fieldglass Subscription

When you set up the exception collection and monitoring you first need to know or identify with PI services, Web Services or SAP CPI iFlows are relevant for each scenario. You can find the setup information and also the relevant web service proxies here:

SAP Fieldglass scenarios covered by Focused Run

SAP Fieldglass integration happens via two major areas, batch integration and real-time integration. Batch integration is mainly used for master data like user data, organizational data and so on. Real-time Event-driven integration is used for data that needs to be exchanged based on workflows and in real-time like work orders, invoiced etc.

The following SAP Fieldglass scenarios are currently covered Focused Run:

  • Subscription Activity: Errors that happen during the data exchange for the batch integration
  • Integration Audit Trail: Errors that happen after the delivery during the data consumption
  • Real-time Event-driven data: Errors that happen during the data exchange of workflow-based information (Planned)

Configure Cloud Service

Preparations for SAP Fieldglass 

Maintain Fieldglass Partner

To connect to Fieldglass via any API you need to have a Fieldglass Partner Key. Usually, you get this partner key as soon as you integrate with Fieldglass via any web service API. This is usually already done during the Fieldglass Implementation. You can use this same partner key for the Focused Run integration.

If you didn't integrate via a web service API with Fieldglass but instead e.g. use file integration, you might not have a Fieldglass partner key yet.

To request a partner key for the Focused Run Integration you can either create a ticket with the SAP Fieldglass Service Desk or contact your Account Service Representative.

Input Values for SAP Fieldglass

  • Customer ID: Your customer ID
  • Fieldglass API Root URL: Your Fieldglass tenant URL (e.g.
  • Description (optional) 

Input Values for SAP Fieldglass 

  • Type: OAUTH
  • OAuth URL: Extend your Fieldglass URL with /api/oauth2/v2.0/token?grant_type=client_credentials&response_type=token
  • Application Key: Fieldglass Partner Key
  • User: User for login
  • Password: Password for the user

Advanced Integration Monitoring Setup

Available Monitoring Categories

For SAP Fieldglass different monitoring categories are available.

  • SAP Fieldglass Integration: Collect exceptions from the Integration Audit Trail and real-time
  • SAP Fieldglass Subscription: Collects errors happening during the data exchange (Subscription activity) 
  • SAP Fieldglass Messages: Collects messages sent to and from SAP Fieldglass

Available Filter Options

For both categories, you can either collect all exceptions happening in SAP Fieldglass for your customer ID or you can filter them using the following criteria:

SAP Fieldglass Integration

  • Status (mandatory): Choose from Error, Upload Data Error
  • Message: Filter on the error message
  • Activity: Upload or Download

SAP Fieldglass Subscription

  • Status (mandatory): Choose from Error, Upload Data Error
  • Message: Filter on the error message
  • Activity: Upload or Download 

SAP Fieldglass Messages

  • Status: Choose a value from the input help 

Available Metrics

For SAP Fieldglass the following metrics are collected:

SAP Fieldglass Integration

  • SAP Fieldglass Integration exceptions: Indicates that new exceptions were collected during the last data collection interval

SAP Fieldglass Subscription

  • SAP Fieldglass Subscription exceptions: Indicates that new exceptions were collected during the last data collection interval 

SAP Fieldglass Messages

  • Erroneous Messages detected: Indicates that messages in an erroneous status were detected
    Metric parameters:
    • STATUS_GROUP (not changeable) = ERROR
    • OLDER_THAN_MINUTES = Only consider SAP Fieldglass Messages older than [minutes]