SAP Concur

Concur is an SAP SaaS solution that provides travel and expense management services to our customers. Concur integrates seamlessly with SAP on premise solutions via an ABAP add-on installed in the on premise SAP ERP system. Exceptions in this add-on can be monitored using FRUN.

Integration Scenario

For SAP Concur the following integration scenarios are possible: 

The different scenarios contain the following exceptions and point-to-point connections:

  • Integrating ABAP backend with the Concur in a direct connectivity scenario: 1, 3, 4
  • Integrating ABAP backend with the Concur mediated via SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration: 1, 2

 Scenario ComponentMonitored ContentMonitoring Category
Systems: ABAP on-premise systemExceptions and successful replications in Concur Integration Add-onSAP Concur Integration Add-on, Concur Communication Monitor
Cloud Services: SAP Integration Suite - Cloud IntegrationExceptions in SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration IFlowsSAP Integration Suite
Systems: ABAP on-premise systemRFC destination to ConcurConnection Monitoring (SM59)
4Systems: ABAP on-premise systemHTTP communication to ConcurHTTP(S) Performance

To know which iFlows to monitor for Concur please refer to the documentation provided at:

The RFC destination to Concur is maintained during the Concur setup in transaction CTE_SETUP. You can use this transaction to find out which RFC destinations were created. 


Technical Prerequisites

The exceptions for SAP Concur are collected from the Concur integration add-ons installed in the ABAP backend system. So this monitoring category is only available for ABAP systems, which have one or more of the Concur integration add-ons installed.

For more information on the add-on installation please refer to SAP note 2298170 - Installation and upgrade of add-ons for PV - SAP ERP-CONCUR INTEGRATION 1.0.

To set up this monitoring category you have to add the ABAP backend system to Advanced Integration Monitoring. 


Configure Cloud Service

You do not need to connect the SAP Concur cloud service to monitor exceptions in SAP Concur. All exceptions are replicated to the SAP Concur integration add-in in the backend system.

Focused Run monitors all exceptions and also the data communication in the SAP backend system.

The monitoring for SAP Concur exceptions and communication is set up via the ABAP technical system. 


Set Up Integration & Cloud Monitoring

Available Monitoring Categories

For SAP Concur the following monitoring category is available.

  • SAP Concur Integration Add-on: Collects exceptions that happen in the integration add-on on the backend system. This category is configured for the ABAP backend system 
  • Concur Communication Monitor: Collects messages to and from SAP Concur in the Integration add-on on ABAP backend system

Available Filter Options

Concur Integration Add-on

Concur Integration Add-on is based on the ABAP Application Log. Hence you have to select at least the Subobject. The Object is preselected in the coding to collect logs from the Concur Integration add-in.

  • Subject (mandatory): Choose one of the values from the drop-down box (e.g. EMPLOYEE)
  • External ID: External ID of the Application Log entry
  • Message ID: Message Class
  • Message Number: Message Number
  • Text: Message Text
  • Status: Error (E) or Warning (W)
  • Program: Program triggering the log entry
  • Transaction: Transaction code triggering the log entry
  • User: The user who triggered the log entry
Concur Communication Monitor
  • System Key: Identifies the SAP Concur target system

Available Metrics

For Concur the following metrics are collected:

SAP Concur Integration Add-on

  • CONCUR TE Foundation exceptions: Indicates that new exceptions were collected during the last data collection interval
Concur Communication Monitor
  • Concur Communication Monitor failed objects: Indicates the new failed messages collected during the last data collection interval.