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Transition to SAP Cloud ALM for Operations and SAP Focused Run

Add SAP Focused Run, if system management is required (e.g. advanced needs to operate hybrid landscapes, significant size and variety of on-premise systems, and/or service provider business).

SAP recommends to run one scenario exclusively on one ALM platform (e.g. system monitoring in SAP Focused Run and integration monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM).

Transition guidance per scenario

Add SAP Focused Run Integration Monitoring to monitor and analyze the integration between cloud offerings from SAP and ABAP and non-ABAP based on-premise systems including SAP Process Integration. Monitoring of L to XL landscapes and L to XL systems/services is supported. In addition, communication monitoring is available.

Add SAP Focused Run Exception Monitoring to monitor and analyze single exceptions for cloud offerings from SAP, ABAP-based and non-ABAP-based on-premise systems. Monitoring of L to XL landscapes and L to XL systems/services is supported.

Add SAP Focused Run Synthetic User Monitoring to monitor HTTP- or SAPGUI-based end user activities. The simulation of RFC or HTTP-based interface calls is also supported.

Add SAP Focused Run for trace analysis.

Add SAP Focused Run Job and Automation Monitoring to monitor and analyze job executions and automation tasks for cloud offerings from SAP and ABAP-based on-premise systems including SAP Business Warehouse. Coverage of SAP J2EE/BPM jobs as well as Business Objects / Business Intelligence jobs with SAP Focused Run is planned.

Add SAP Focused Run System Monitoring to provide full-featured system monitoring for a significant set and variety of ABAP- and non-ABAP on-premise systems. Most SAP on-premise products including database types and operating system types are supported. 

Add SAP Focused Run Configuration & Security Analysis to provide a full-featured change analysis and validation functionality for cloud  offerings from SAP and a significant size and variety of ABAP and non-ABAP on-premise systems.

Add SAP Focuses Run Alert Management for a central and unified alert inbox including generic alert handling, search and analytics functionality.

Add SAP Focused Run Notification Management to simplify the way how notifications are handled. 

Add SAP Focused Run Service Level Management to manage status information and service levels customer specifically.

Add SAP Focused Run Operations Automation to utilize embedded guided procedures including pre-defined system management and alerting content. 

Add SAP Focused Run Cross Use Case Analytics to configure your own dashboards based on SAP standard content. 

Add SAP Focused Run Maintenance Management to upload landscape data for on-premise systems used in the maintenance planner and to allow to distribution of maintenance certificates. 

Note: This page is subject to constant updates, please regularly check back for new updates.

Last update: April 11, 2023