Retrieve SAP Cloud ALM Service Key

Some of the managed SAP Cloud services use a PUSH mechanism to send alerts and exceptions to SAP Cloud ALM. To successfully set up this PUSH mechanism you need the SAP Cloud ALM Service Key to enter the SAP Cloud ALM credentials during the PUSH setup in the managed SAP Cloud service.

To retrieve the SAP Cloud ALM Service Key please proceed as described below.


  • A service broker instance has been created
  • You must have the Space Developer authorization in your SAP Cloud ALM Account in the SAP Business Technology Platform
Service Key Retrieval
  1. Log on to the SAP BTP cockpit.
  2. Click on your global account, then on your subaccount.
  3. In the navigation panel, choose Services > Instances and Subscriptions.
  4. Under Instances click on the relevant instance of the service SAP Cloud ALM API
  5. In the area that opens, choose Service Keys.
  6. You see your service key in JSON format. The key includes the application URL, service URL, client ID, and client secret.
  7. Download this service key and save it for later