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Requirements Creation

Requirements are expectations from Business that need to be fulfilled. They are typically collected as part of Fit-to-standard workshops. Requirements can call into multiple workstreams such as Standard configuration , Extensibility , Analytics.

In the Requirements app, you can browse all requirements that have been created in the context of your project.

In detail, the following options are available:

  • Create requirements

  • Authorize approvals of requirements

  • Assign requirements to user stories and project tasks

  • Assign due dates, roles, and assignees to requirements

  • Mass edit, mass download, and mass upload of requirements

  • View requirements in a Gantt chart

  • Search for and filter by requirements

  • Group and sort requirements


You can create Requirements in SAP Cloud ALM in the following ways:

Requirements can be collected before, during or after the workshops using the following options:

  1. Create requirements manually using the Solution Process context
  2. Create requirements manually in Requirements App
  3. Upload requirements via excel
  4. Create requirements via API

1 - Create requirements manually using the Process Context

Requirements can be collected directly from

  • solution value flow
  • solution process
  • custom process

and all its elements (lane, process step, connector, etc.).

Custom processes need to be set to "active" before adding them to the scope, then they are available for creating requirements as well.

2 - Create Requirements manually in the Requirements App

3 - Import Requirements via Excel

4 - Import Requirements via API

Requirements can be created via published APIs.

Open the Requirements App and click on "create":

Requirements can be created via published APIs.