Requirements Creation

Requirements are expectations from Business that need to be fulfilled. They are typically collected as part of Fit-to-standard workshops. Requirements can call into multiple workstreams such as Standard configuration , Extensibility , Analytics.

In the Requirements app, you can browse all requirements that have been created in the context of your project.

In detail, the following options are available:

  • Create requirements

  • Authorize approvals of requirements

  • Assign requirements to user stories and project tasks

  • Assign due dates, roles, and assignees to requirements

  • Mass edit, mass download, and mass upload of requirements

  • View requirements in a Gantt chart

  • Search for and filter by requirements

  • Group and sort requirements


You can create Requirements in SAP Cloud ALM in the following ways:

You can mass upload Requirements in SAP Cloud ALM. For detailed information please visit this blogpost.