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Gantt Chart View

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that shows a project schedule and dependency relationships between activities. SAP Cloud ALM provides this Gantt chart view, so that the users can see the dependency of tasks and identify bottlenecks. 

SAP Activate methodology and SAP Cloud ALM deliver content and support creation of tasks in a structured hierarchy as you can see below, and this hierarchy, in conjunction with the schedule, can be visualized on Gantt chart.

SAP Activate methodology delivers content in a structured hierarchy

  • Phase
    • Deliverable
      • Template Task

SAP Cloud ALM also supports creation of tasks in a structured hierarchy

  • Deliverable
    • Project Task
      • Sub-task
  •  User-Story
    • Sub-task

With start date and end date of each item on the left side in the list, Gantt chart visualizes the duration of each item with blue timebox.

In addition to the duration of each task, Gantt chart shows timeline of the project such as Release Version, Sprint, and Milestone at the top of the chart.

It enables the users to adjust the schedule of tasks easily in line with the timeline.