Deployment & Release Planning

Keeping your production systems stable and reliable is crucial in a fast-paced world. Deployment planning within SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation helps you to make software and configuration changes a non-event by giving you the opportunity to stay on top of your go-live activities.

Assiging a release to a project in SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation provides you with an option to assign release versions to requirements. Based on the assigned release versions you are able to bundle requirements which should go live together. The release version on requirement level indicates a planned release to production.

The actual release to production is planned on feature level. The end date of a release version can be seen as the go-live date. 

Simply assign the suitable release version to the appropriate feature(s).

Note: Plan your release versions in alignment to your sprint planning, in order to enable deployment to production in a timely manner.

Based on the status and the release version of features you can easily figure out several ones for the deployment to production. As soon as all features related to a requirement are deployed to production it can be confirmed. 

Note: This means the feature with the latest release version and thus with the latest planned go-live date is decisive for the actual go-live date of the requirement it is assigned to.