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Defect Management

In the Defects app, you can create and manage defects for deficiencies that were discovered during testing or in the application.

If a test run fails due to an application issue or if a deficiency is discovered during regular application usage, you can use the Defects app to make sure that the defect is addressed and processed. 

  1. When you create a defect, provide the following details:

    • A detailed description of the issue, including pictures (if relevant) and other important attributes

    • The priority

    • The due date

    • Tags, for classification purposes


  2. The defect is picked up and assigned to a team, role, or processor.

  3. The processor is notified about their defect assignment, then analyzes and corrects the defect.

  4. Once the defect has been corrected, the processor changes the defect status to Retest Required and assigns it to the original reporter.

  5. The reporter is notified and retests the test case in the Test Execution app.

  6. If the retest is successful, the defect status can be set to Closed.


    You can also refer to this blog post for further information.