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SAP Solution Manager - Internet Demo System

Public Cloud – Experience it live!

The Internet Demo System is for all customers who want to operate in public environment with provided data and public demo system to get hands-on experience of SAP Solution Manager without any costs. You can log on immediately and instantly use the system. The system is running on the Internet and will be refreshed on a regular basis.

Customers can experience the new functionality of SAP Solution Manager 7.2, such as the new SAP Solution Manager Launchpad for personalized user experience, Fiori Apps, new functionality for Process, Release, and Project Management. For more details about the available features in SAP Solution Manager 7.2, please also check the Media Center.

Regular Reset

The last reset of the SAP Solution Manager demo landscape (such as
this Internet Demo System) was on May 03, 2023.

The next reset is planned for June 07, 2023.


System Landscape

The landscape consists of:

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.2 (ST 720 SP16 / ST-OST 200 SP11)
  • SAP S/4HANA 1909 FP00 as managed system
  • SAP HANA 2.0

System Access

You can access the demo system A4H using the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad. From there you can further access all SAP Solution Manager applications.

For system access please use one of the following demo users:

User IDNameRolePassword
DASILVAPEPedro da SilvaPortfolio ManagerSolman72
DUPONTIIsabelle DupontProject ManagerSolman72
ARMSTRONGJUJulie ArmstrongBusiness Process ExpertSolman72
ROSSIMMarco RossiBusiness ManagerSolman72
MAYERSASabine MayerRequirement ManagerSolman72
BECKERGDGerd BeckerSolution ArchitectSolman72
ZHOUXIAXiaoming ZhouDevelopment ManagerSolman72
LIJOHNJohn LiDeveloperSolman72
MISHRAAAneesha MishraDeveloperSolman72
MOOREDONDonna MooreTesterSolman72
ADAMSMMichael AdamsTesterSolman72
KOMAROVMIMikhail KomarovTesterSolman72
ISHDAIYYoko IshdaiTesterSolman72
VOLKOVASASvetlana VolkovaTest CoordinatorSolman72
FONTESMMaria FontesTest EngineerSolman72
ARGAWALKKaran ArgawalQuality ManagerSolman72
GHOSHRAHRahul GhoshIT OperatorSolman72
SUZUKITATakahiro SuzukiRelease ManagerSolman72
DUBOISLALaurent DuboisApplication ConsultantSolman72
SEMENOVOOleg SemenovChange Advisory BoardSolman72
SATOTOTomoko SatoChange Advisory BoardSolman72
ZHAOMAMatthew ZhaoChange ManagerSolman72
SMITHDEDenise SmithBusiness UserSolman72
WANGCACarmen WangMember of 1st Level supportSolman72
SINGHVEEVeena SinghMember of IT Infrastructure supportSolman72
MILLERJOHJohn MillerMember of 2nd Level supportSolman72
WILSONRIRichard WilsonMember of 2nd Level supportSolman72
PATELNANandita PatelApproverSolman72
GOMEZFFrancisco GomezTQM (Technical Quality Manager)Solman72
BOSCHSStefan BoschTechnical OperatorSolman72
FERRARIANAntonio FerrariIT AdministratorSolman72
BAUERAAgatha Bauerall in oneSolman72

Give us Feedback for Internet Demo System

In case of an issue or you want to send us feedback please use the mail address
We would appreciate feedback of any kind.

Media Center and Demo Systems

The Internet Demo System is part of the Media Center and Demo Systems, which also consists of:

  • Media Center: This library provides you predefined demo use cases that you can experience on a video-like manner. The demo recordings are aligned with this Internet Demo System.
  • System in private cloud (SAP Cloud Appliance Library): Deploy your private system in the cloud which is based on the same system landscape as this Internet Demo System. You can use it for proof of concept or testing purposes.