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SAP Spotlight News
Upcoming Changes to the SAP Support Portal - What you can expect - Global - 2015-03-27

Beginning March 30th, we are welcoming SuccessFactors customers to the SAP Support Portal. As a result, you will see some adjustments to the navigation structure, the home page, and an updated Contact Us link. It is important to note that this will not impact your access to the portal. Please review these changes in advance of March 30th.

On SAP's March Patch Day 2015, SAP released security fixes for SAP SQL Anywhere, SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Afaria. The security fixes address technical issues in these products.

Three more Enterprise Support Value Maps available for PSLE customers - Global - 2015-03-04

PSLE customers can benefit from SAP Enterprise Support value maps until June 30, 2015. Don't miss the chance and explore how to work with Value Maps and what benefits your company can gain. 

There are currently 9 SAP Enterprise Support value map topics available … read more.

How the Internet of Things and Smart Services Will Change Society - Global - 2015-03-03

 Join Henning Kagermann and Bernd Leukert who share their views on the Internet of Things, how it will change society and transform businesses, as well as discuss which enabling technologies are instrumental for making use of the Internet of Things, and the challenges and opportunities that lie before us.


Want SAP Support Updates via Social Media Channels? - Global - 2015-02-25

We want to provide you with multiple ways to get information on important SAP Support topics and information. If you are interested in receiving SAP Product Support related news, information, tips and tricks via Twitter and Facebook, please follow @SAPSupportHelp and like our page SAP Product Support today. We are looking forward to connecting and engaging with you in these channels.

sapserv 7 and 9 will be unavailable from 24th April 21:00 to 26th April 21:00 SGT - Asia Pacific Japan - 2015-02-24

Due to data centre maintenance, the following services via sapserv 7 and 9 will not be available from 24th April 21:00 to 26th April 21:00 SGT:

  • Problem analysis and / or service delivery on customer systems 
  • Transfer Early Watch Alert data 
  • Data exchange via SAP Note Assistant 
  • Service connection reservation 
  • Customer messages via Solution Manager  
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