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SAP Spotlight News
Want SAP Support Updates via Social Media Channels? - Global - 2015-02-26

We want to provide you with multiple ways to get information on important SAP Support topics and information. If you are interested in receiving SAP Product Support related news, information, tips and tricks via Twitter and Facebook, please follow @SAPSupportHelp and like our page SAP Product Support today. We are looking forward to connecting and engaging with you in these channels.

sapserv 7 and 9 will be unavailable from 24th April 21:00 to 26th April 21:00 SGT - Asia Pacific Japan - 2015-02-25

Due to data centre maintenance, the following services via sapserv 7 and 9 will not be available from 24th April 21:00 to 26th April 21:00 SGT:

  • Problem analysis and / or service delivery on customer systems 
  • Transfer Early Watch Alert data 
  • Data exchange via SAP Note Assistant 
  • Service connection reservation 
  • Customer messages via Solution Manager  
Improve Your Users' Experience with openSAP - Global - 2015-02-20

Are you dreaming of an intuitive, personalized user experience? Boost your user productivity and satisfaction by implementing a simple and consistent experience across multiple devices. openSAP has two great openSAP courses planned to help, where you can gain hands-on experience:


Extended maintenance for SAP SRM 5.0 will end on March 31, 2015. All systems still running on these releases will automatically enter customer-specific maintenance. Read more in the News section of the Maintenance Homepage.

Important Information for SAP EPM Add-in client users - Global - 2014-12-11

After installing Microsoft security updates, you may be experiencing issues in the EPM Add-in client. These issues appear to be side-effects of the security updates themselves, which are disabling ActiveX controls. Please review SAP Knowledge Base Article 2107965 for assistance.

 Important Information: Review Your S-user ID Profile - Global - 2014-12-05

Ensuring your contact details are correct and up to date is important not only for you, but for SAP as well. By maintaining your email address and phone numbers associated with your S-user ID, you will be able to logon to http://support.sap.com using SAP Identification Service. It also enables us to connect with you quickly via the correct contact information should you have a support related need. For more information on updating your S-user ID profile, please check this blog. If you require any assistance, please contact our Customer Interaction Center

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