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Software Provisioning Manager

Software Provisioning Manager offers the execution of many system provisioning tasks and covers a broad range of platforms and products, both on the ABAP and the Java technology. Whether you are going to copy an SAP NetWeaver system, rename an SAP Business Suite system, or install a standalone engine (such as SAP liveCache), you can handle all these tasks with Software Provisioning Manager, flexible and reliable on all supported platforms and all with the same look-and-feel and behavior.

Concept of Software Provisioning Manager

Easier and More Reliable Software Provisioning

Software Provisioning Manager is the successor of the product and release-specific delivery of provisioning tools. It provides the latest SAPinst version with software provisioning services for several products and releases for all platforms, enabling you to profit directly from up-to-date procedures powered by a reliable tool available and used for years.

Releases of Software Provisioning Manager

Since SL Toolset 1.0 SPS 23 there are 2 versions of Software Provisioning Manager available:

  • Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 and
  • Software Provisioning Manager 2.0

Depending on which SAP Software you want to provision, you have to choose the right version.

Please check the corresponding SAP Note for the right version:

Always the Latest Features, Coverage and Fixes of Reliable Procedures

By always downloading the latest version of Software Provisioning Manager, you automatically get support of the latest products, versions and platform support, including latest fixes in the tool and supported processes. You can use one tool version for tasks performed for a set of product versions in your system landscape.

SAP recommends that you always download the latest Support Package of the Software Provisioning Manager, as it contains the latest corrections and is updated regularly, even if you have installation media available.

Covered Use Cases

Software Provisioning Manager covers the following use cases:

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