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SAPSetup 9.0

SAPSetup offers flexible and reliable functionality for installations on Microsoft Windows ranging from
single PCs to distributions on a large scale

Concept of SAPSetup

SAP frontend software of many SAP products (such as SAP GUI for Windows) has to be installed and distributed reliably to Microsoft Windows hosts in your landscape, SAPSetup offers: 

Simple installation of frontend products

  • From distribution medium (such as a DVD)

Distribution of software over the network

  • Create and maintain installation servers acting as file server
  • Create, configure and maintain installation packages containing multiple products and predefined installation parameters
  • Run installations remotely from Admin PC

Maintaining frontend software

  • Apply patches to the installation server that can then be propagated to the clients in your landscape by an automatic workstation update service
  • Perform consistency checks and repair installations
  • Perform central log file analysis

More information can be found here:

SAP Note 1583967 (Release Information Note for SAPSetup 9.0)

SAP Note 1587566 (Installation Problems with SAPSetup 9.0)