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Diagnostic Tools

BI Platform Support Tool

The BI Platform Support Tool is a Java based utility used by support engineers, consultants, and BI administrators. It is designed for supporting many aspects of the BI Platform and simplifies the process of reporting on the landscape configuration, performing root cause analysis tasks, and delivering performance optimization and go-live services.

This tool is free of charge and will be maintained with enhancements and corrections for the foreseeable future .

Flexible Log Reader

Flexible Log Reader (FLR) is a log reading application which has been designed to read and analyze text log file, no matter which application has generated it. FLR is used to open large logs in any text format and can easily scan and find information within them.

Typically, it is possible to open logs which total around 4.5x the available memory on the machine, for example a 4Gb machine can load 18Gb of logs.