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SAP Service Connector

In order to enable access for SAP to a customer system, a network connection between the customer's SAProuter and the SAProuter at SAP (on a server called sapservX) is needed. SAP Service Connector accomplishes this connectivity by establishing an RFC connection from your PC via your company's SAProuter and SAP's SAProuter to the SAP Support Backend.

Note: In case your company is permanently connected to the SAP Support Backbone, the Service Connector is not needed. It is primarily used for Frame Relay and VPN connections to SAP Service Network.


  • SAP Service Connector can only be installed on a Microsoft Windows platform
  • SAPGUI must be installed on your PC
  • The SAProuter should be reachable through your company-internal network

Installing SAP Service Connector (version 2.0.0)

By clicking the button, the SAP Service Connector set-up routine will create the directory C:\Program Files\SAP AG\SAPServiceConnector, and place the SAP Service Connector executable "SAPServiceConnector.exe" into this directory.


How the SAP Service Connector works

SAP Service Connector has to be installed on your local PC. SAP Support Portal “knows” the status of your network connection and prompts you to open the network connection if it is closed. In this case, the Start Service Connector button is visible. If you click this button, the stfk.oez file is generated. It contains the connection parameters for the SAP Service Connector and is used to open network connections. You can download the file locally to your PC (and execute it by double-clicking it), or you can open it to immediately start the SAP Service Connector. After the SAP Service Connector is started, an RFC-call is generated from your PC by means of your SAProuter and the SAProuter on sapservX to SAP's Support Backend system, and the network connection is opened.

You only have to start SAP Service Connector in case the network connection is not yet in connected status.

Route String

When you open a service connection, you have to check the proposed Route string which describes the path between your PC and your SAProuter. By default the Route string will contain the parameters maintained in the system data, which can be adjusted if necessary.

The stfk.oez file

The stfk.oez file contains the connection parameters for the SAP Service Connector. It can be downloaded to your PC (and executed in a second step), or the SAP Service Connector can be called directly to open the network connection. SAP Service Connector uses the content of this file to generate an RFC-call to the SAP's Support Backend.

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