Semi-Automatic Service Line Opener

Behavior Change of the Semi-Automatic Service Line Opener (LOP)


Please Note: 

The LOP behavior change on 15 / 16 February 2020 will mainly be targeting SAP cloud and connectivity between customer and SAP. The amendments concern technical connectivity methods, which do not require a manual opening like it's necessary for VPN connectivity for example.

For more information:

SAP Note 797124 "LOP - Semi Automatic Line Opener Program"


How It Works

Whenever SAP requests a service connection to your system, such a connection has to be opened from your side. The LOP helps to reduce the manual effort involved by automating parts of the process.

If an SAP employee requires access to one of your systems, an opening request is created. This is only possible for systems where you explicitly granted SAP permission for independent opening. The LOP periodically contacts the Service Backbone using HTTPS to check for opening requests to one of your systems. If such a request is found, the LOP opens the connection between you SAProuter and SAP, notifying you by e-mail that the network connection was opened.

Please note that when Semi-Automatic Opening is enabled while there is an active SAProuter connection to your system (i.e. due to an open remote connection to a different system on the same SAProuter), then the connection will be established without the use of the LOP.


Java Semi-Automatic Service Line Opener (LOP) 

The Semi-Automatic Line Opener Program was rewritten in Java to offer platform independent Semi-Automatic Opening. Once configured it can either be run as a frontend tool or as a service.

Both the Solution Manager integrated LOP as the preferred solution, as well as the standalone Java LOP (mainly targeted towards customers without an own Solution Manager), continue to be supported. 

Process Overview Semi-Automatic Opening


Process Steps

  1. SAP employee requests access to customer system
  2. Request is replicated to SAP ONE Support Launchpad
  3. LOP regularly checks the SAP Support Portal for requests
  4. Upon receiving a request, LOP opens the network connection (email notification is sent out)
  5. The SAP Employee can now connect to your system using the given SAProuter Infrastructure

How to Install the Semi-Automatic Line Opener

The Semi-Automatic Line Opener is directly integrated into the Solution Manager. For those situations where the Solution Manager functionality is not an option, a standalone Java application is available. It requires the host to be able to access the SAProuter by using the internal network.

To install the Java based Semi-Automatic Line Opener, click Download, save the archive and follow the contained installation instructions. First run the Registrator to register a new instance, afterwards run the Opener to continuously handle incoming line opening requests.