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Availability Matrices for Repeatable Custom Solutions

Addressing Individualized Customer Needs

Repeatable custom solutions are:

  • Solutions that started out as custom development projects and have been adapted so that additional customers can purchase them. These previously developed solutions help organizations to save costs, time and effort because they don't have to start from scratch to develop a custom solution.
  • Available in selected languages only and for defined underlying base software.
  • Offered with product specific support, see PSLE Support Schedule, Standard Support Schedule, and Enterprise Support Schedule.

Please note that for repeatable custom solutions only mainstream maintenance and extended maintenance shall be provided in accordance with the product specific support terms. The scope of support for the extended maintenance period is similar to the scope of support provided during mainstream maintenance. Extended maintenance shall be provided only if this support strategy is stated in the Release Availability Documentation below.  

For further details on availability information and support periods, please select the solution you are interested in:

Classic Solutions (SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver):

SAP S/4HANA Solutions

Please note that a more in depth description of each individual solution is provided in the product documentation.