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SAP Learning Hub Onboarding Resource Center

We invite you to join a live 45-minute onboarding presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.


Keys to Success

  • Attend an onboarding webinar
  • Activate your subscription
  • Join the welcome room

These step-by-step tutorials walk you through your SAP Learning Hub public cloud code activation.

Take your initial steps on this journey and maximize your SAP Learning Hub subscription and leverage your learning goals.

Your one-stop shop for all training-related information. For your local team, check under Contact.

Project Readiness

Keys to Success


Product Documentation

Overview of all SAP Learning Hub editions

Content Catalogue

Download the content catalogue to view the complete list of titles and topics in each SAP Learning Hub edition.

Guidance and Enablement

Keys to Success

SAP Learning Services

Get support during your digital transformation to increase software adoption and productivity, prepare your workforce for upcoming changes, and empower your team with tailored enablement.

SAP Learning Journey

Navigate your learning path.

SAP Learning System Access

Your gateway to anytime, anywhere SAP learning systems.

Project Progress

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SAP Learning Hub Support

SAP Learning Hub Mobile Guide

Subscription Administrator

Go-Live Preparation

Keys to Success

Now that SAP Learning Hub is live, it's time to transition to ongoing governance and adoption. Engage with subject matter experts on new feature enhancements and explore product development roadmaps and integration capabilities.