SAP Business Technology Platform Onboarding Resource Center

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We invite you and your colleagues who are using the SAP Business Technology Platform to achieve your use cases to join one of our live onboarding webinars. They are about 40-45 minutes of presentation covering the key resources available to you to get started, followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A.

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This onboarding resource center is designed to lead you to a successful implementation. These technical and business resources guide you at every stage of your implementation project from kick-off to go-live. You will have access to knowledge base articles, best practices, service offerings and training videos.



You've received an email with your SAP BTP global account URL and login credentials. It’s important that the S-user ID specified in the email is used to login. Please bookmark this URL; it's your access to SAP BTP.

Assign Additional Global Access

SAP recommends assigning at least one additional colleague as a global account administrator for your SAP BTP cockpit. This ensures coverage and proper governance so your business can continue moving even in the event of unexpected absences.

Learn what SAP BTP is, the services and capabilities it offers, technical information, and use cases.

Project Readiness

Understand how SAP BTP is structured and the basic concepts needed to empower you to make intentional decisions on structuring your account.

Your company purchased a specific set of services that you’re entitled to use. Entitlements are delivered at the global account level and distributed to the directory and sub-account levels. Check to ensure you see entitlements in your global account.

Gain in-depth information on all the services offered in SAP BTP and accelerate the implementation of your SAP BTP use cases with the help of missions. Experience the seamless flow of finding your relevant use case, starting a mission, customizing content, and collaborating with experts.

To keep the platform manageable, we recommend setting up a governance model and subsequent roles and responsibilities.

Sub-accounts contain all the applications, resources, and tools you’ll need to achieve your use case. Determining how many sub-accounts to create is important and should be done with intent and purpose.

Member management happens at all levels of the SAP BTP account structure, from global account to directory to sub-account, to space and service level. It’s important for global account administrators to map out who needs access to which area and which subsequent responsibilities they require.

Applications developed on SAP BTP are exposed to the Internet and should have the highest security requirements to prevent unauthorized access. As a global administrator, familiarize yourself with the security concepts, authentication and authorization mechanism, and identity propagation.

Guidance and Enablement

SAP BTP offers integration and extension options to connect your existing data models from various sources.  

Integration Suite

SAP Integration Suite offers complete integration capability across hybrid and cloud landscapes, helps to shorten your path to innovation, and increases efficiencies by empowering integration experts across the enterprise and optimizes integration benefits with AI-based advisors.

Extension Suite

When companies need to customize their off-the-shelf software to add unique, differentiating capabilities, they use SAP Extension Suite. This suite enables you to extend business apps, processes, and systems in the cloud and on premise.

SAP BTP Learning Journeys

Learn how to create, edit, localize, and deliver sustainable learning material and performance support. Also learn how to implement SAP BTP for strategic and project uses.

SAP HANA Academy Videos

The SAP HANA Academy provides technical enablement, implementation, and adoption support for customers and partners with thousands of free tutorial videos.

Tutorial Navigator

Get hands-on experience with SAP BTP services by exploring our step-by-step tutorials.


Go to the SAP BTP community for expert information; ask questions, read blog posts, and find additional information.

SAP Enterprise Support

SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions offering is our foundational success plan included with any cloud subscription from SAP. It supports successful cloud adoption across your enterprise by taking advantage of learning resources from the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.

Go-Live Preparation

Now that SAP BTP is live, it’s time to transition to ongoing governance and adoption. Engage with subject matter experts on new features and enhancements and explore future product development roadmaps.