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Find information such as Knowledge Base Articles, SAP Community questions and blogs, Guided Answers, product documentation, and featured content straight from product experts at SAP.

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SAP connectors allow the integration of different applications and technologies with SAP systems through open standards.

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SAP Globalization Services

SAP Globalization Services can help you streamline business processes and operations and optimize your global implementation.

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Onboarding Resource Centers

Our onboarding resource centers are designed to guide you through your onboarding journey to a successful implementation.

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Support by Product FAQs

In the SAP Support Portal, support by product pages contain:

  • Public or preview SAP Knowledge Base Articles
  • Product documentation
  • Guided Answers
  • SAP Community blogs & questions
  • Featured Content – published by SAP product support experts – that may contain links to support tools, newsletters, troubleshooting tips and other resources

Each product page in the SAP Support Portal links to the SAP ONE Support Launchpad version of that product page. For logged in customers, these Launchpad pages also contain: 

  • Complete SAP Knowledge Base Articles
  • Release information from the Product Availability Matrix
  • Software downloads
  • Information about your systems, if available

Support by product pages in the Launchpad require an S-user ID, while support by product pages in the portal do not require any login.

We are featuring approximately 250 product versions in the SAP Support Portal. The SAP ONE Support Launchpad contains more than 2,000 product version pages. Please log in to the Launchpad and find your product there.

Through PAM, SAP shares information about SAP software releases: release types, maintenance durations, planned availability, and upgrade paths. The PAM also offers information about platform availability, including database and operating systems. So, it is in particular important in the evaluation, implementation, and upgrade phases.

Support by product pages help you during the operations phase of your product: They address common issues that might otherwise require you to reach out to SAP Support for assistance.

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