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SAP offers innovation adopter services to help you jump start your projects with SAP's latest products and solutions

Beta Programs

Beta programs provide you with early access to SAP software to test and see how it fits your business requirements. Beta shipments are provided under a Test and Evaluation Agreement (TEA) and can be used for testing purposes only. Productive usage is not allowed and is not supported under the maintenance and support agreement.

Your benefits:

  • Ability to test new product versions with your own processes, data and landscape before official release.
  • Opportunity to provide feedback on product functionality, usability and quality of new products before official release. 

Beta programs will be listed on the SAP Customer Influence site as they become available. Thus you get a complete picture of SAP's influencing opportunities for your areas of interest.

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SAP Early Adopter Care Services

SAP Early Adopter Care connects customers with products and innovations to help them simplify, innovate, and digitize fast. The services give our customers a direct channel to SAP. Through the support of the Early Adopter Care project coach, we enable two-way communication, improve transparency, and allow stakeholders to react to and minimize project risk. At the same time, SAP Early Adopter Care can help improve SAP products.


Our goal is to continuously improve our solutions to meet your needs. We invite you to share your experience with us in a 1:1 feedback session or electronic survey.

Already enrolled?

Plan: Product Availability Matrix (PAM)

Please review technical and release planning information including SAP software product versions, maintenance dates and upgrade in the Product Availability Matrix (PAM).

Learn: Stay Current Enablement

Stay Current Enablement, through the SAP Learning Hub, provides role-specific learning content as well as opportunities to collaborate and practice.

Leverage: Incident prioritization flag (EAC flag)

Participants in any SAP Early Adopter Care program also benefit from the EAC flag. Actively selecting the EAC flag, which is attached to the incident(s) will automatically advance you to a higher position in the SAP Support processing queue. Further information about the benefits and requirements of the EAC flag can be found in this short FAQ.


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Stay Current Enablement

Stay Current Enablement is SAP's enablement offering for innovations to SAP software and applications, available at the Release to Customer date. These offerings provide you with a head start to adopt new products.

Stay Current Enablement builds on and succeeds the previously used Early Knowledge Transfer (EKT) approach and is delivered using the cloud-based SAP Learning Hub, that provides:

  • simple access to learning content through learning programs and state-of-the-art online courses.
  • collaboration with other learners and SAP experts through Learning Rooms.
  • opportunities to practice and experience new SAP products hands-on.

Simple and scalable access via SAP Learning Hub, supporting SAP Early Adopter Care services

Stay Current Enablement offers support and knowledge access for SAP Early Adopter Care projects. Customers and partners can get access via our cloud-based SAP Learning Hub platform. This provides full access to Stay Current Enablement for all SAP Learning Hub subscribers. Moreover, for selected SAP Early Adopter Care customers/programs a time-limited free access to SAP Learning Hub can be requested.

Free Access to SAP Learning Hub (Time-Limited)

Selected SAP Early Adopter Care customers and partners are eligible for three month free access to all Stay Current Enablement content on SAP Learning Hub, restricted to five of their employees.

Customers can extend their employees' access for an additional six month period.

Beyond the time-limited free access to SAP Learning Hub, customers and partners have the opportunity to purchase a suitable SAP Learning Hub Edition or register for the free SAP Learning Hub Discovery Edition in the SAP Training and Certification shop.